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Topics: Parental leave, Working time, Discrimination Pages: 36 (9137 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Welcome and Introduction How to use this Workbook 1 Statutory Rights and Responsibilities 1.1 Contracts of Employment 1.2 Anti-Discrimination 1.3 Age Discrimination 1.4 Disability Discrimination 1.5 Working Hours, Rest Breaks and Holiday Entitlements 1.6 Maternity/Paternity, Parental and Adoption Leave 1.7 Absence and Sickness 1.8 Data Protection and Access to Personal Information 1.9 Health and Safety Procedures and Documents in your Organisation 2.1 Contracts of Employment 2.2 Anti- Discrimination 2.3 Working Hours and Holiday Entitlement 2.4 Sickness Absence and Sick Pay 2.5 Data Protection 2.6 Health and Safety Sources of Information and Advice 3.1 Internal Sources 3.2 External Sources About your Occupation and Organisation Occupations and Career Pathways Representative Bodies 6.1 Representation

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7. Evidence Record Form Checklist 8. Useful Addresses/ Contacts 9 Glossary of Terms

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Dear Learner Welcome to the Apprenticeship programme. You have joined one of the most successful programmes in the UK. Business skills are pivotal to any organisation and the success of every business relies on the skills of its employees. This may be the first time you access training other than full-time education. The first part of your training teaches you about company structure; you learn about the organisation for which you work, your responsibilities within that organisation and the responsibilities of people who work with you. This is called an induction programme which will form the initial part of your Apprenticeship Framework. Your employer and training provider or local college will carry this out and they will explain the requirements of the programme. Included in your training is other vital information such as Health and Safety, Data Protection and Discrimination. The induction is an important part of your training as it gives details about your responsibilities and rights and those of the employer and trains you for making valuable contributions to and become part of the organisation. If you have any questions or queries about your training we will be available to answer your questions. Good luck with your programme. The CFA Team

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How to use this Workbook
This Induction Workbook has been produced by the CFA to ensure that you know about your Employment Responsibilities and Rights (ERR) that form part of your Apprenticeship programme. As you work through this Induction Workbook you will need to be clear about your own understanding of your occupation, the industry in which you work and the sector in which your organisation is located. As you are currently undertaking one of the Apprenticeship programmes in business skills, or a related area, you will have a business-related job role. Because there are many types of business across every sector of the UK economy we know that apprentices completing this book will be working in a wide variety of settings, from education to construction. In addition, apprentices working in charities or voluntary organisations will also be using this book as their organisations also need to be run with professionalism and efficiency, even if they are run on a not-for-profit basis. In distinguishing between what we mean by job role, industry and sector when they are mentioned in this guide, the following table below will help you. It contains examples, but remember, this is not a complete list of job roles: Job Role School Administrator Receptionist Customer service assistant Team Leader Industry Language School Advertising Agency Insurance Local Authority Sector Education Marketing Financial Services Public Services

As you look through the Workbook you will note that there are two main areas under each of the section headings: • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW You will find a list of ERR statements that you need to know as part of...
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