Why We Plant Trees

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Why we plant trees

passionate about trees

Tree Appeal The Tree Appeal Mission Green Apple Award “Green Heroes” 2006 Executive Summary The Cause The need for more trees Why plant trees? Tree planting partners What Government says The UK Biodiversity Action Plan The importance of biodiversity Implementation EU biodiversity strategy Publications Government Strategy Challenges and opportunities Environmental sustainability Biodiversity Landscape Social sustainability Public access to woodlands Health Recreation Trees within the green infrastructure Managing urban trees The historic environment The overall amount of woodland planting and woodland management What David Bellamy says Professor David Bellamy OBE The right trees in the right places Climate change Why become a Tree Appeal Partner? What Tree Appeal does for you

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The Convention on Biological Diversity 15

Why we plant trees



Tree Appeal
passionate about trees

The Tree Appeal Mission:
The philosophy of Tree Appeal is to plant and conserve trees within the UK and globally in recognition and appreciation of the environmental and humanitarian benefits that trees deliver to the wellbeing of our valuable planet. Trees are the longest lived organism on the planet and therefore planting trees is an investment that creates a global ecological heritage for many hundreds of years. We must demonstrate that we are seriously addressing our own country’s environmental issues. Only then are we in a position to influence global environmental changes, like arresting the cutting down of rain forests. Most environmental damage occurs as a consequence of business activity. We therefore believe the way forward is to give environmentally responsible companies the opportunity to integrate tree planting into their product and service offering and gain a marketing advantage for doing so. Tree Appeal has, on principle, decided that the funding for tree planting must come from a company’s marketing budget thus leaving that company’s charitable budget intact, enabling continued support for their many other charitable causes.

What Tree Appeal does for you:
• You are ‘Seen to be Green’ • It differentiates your business with a unique selling point • You raise your profile, locally and nationally, for all the right reasons • It helps reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ • You make an ongoing long-term contribution to the environment

Why we plant trees



passionate about trees

The Green Apple Award
The top award of ʻGreen Championʼ has been won by Tree Appeal. At a ceremony in the House of Commons the National Green Apple Award 2005 was presented to Tree Appeal in recognition of their environmental best practice. The award was accepted by Bill Oddie on behalf of the company at the event hosted by Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State. The Green Apple Awards are now in their eleventh year - recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental endeavours and initiatives. “We are very pleased to receive this important recognition”, said Bob Swinbank of Tree Appeal. “We believe Tree Appeal is a very exciting initiative because it gives companies the opportunity to make a real difference. These broadleaved trees make a significant long-term contribution to the environment and help to combat climate change at the same time.”

Why we plant trees



passionate about trees

“Green Heroes” 2006
Tree Appeal have been presented with an inscribed plaque, to mark their achievement as one of Britainʼs first Green Heroes. The award was received by Professor Bellamy at a ceremony at Kensington Roof Gardens. The award is made by The Green Organisation, an independent international environmental group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice...
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