We Are Killing the Rainforest: Fact or Media Hype?

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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We are killing the rainforest!!
Is this a fact or only a media hype?
The rainforest and ecological role has been a controversial topic for decades. The ‘green people’ advocate that we are killing the world by reducing the rainforest. The capitalists on the other hand claim that it is an exaggeration and we are only utilizing the natural resources for our own benefits. Let us look at the location of the Amazon rainforest. Brazil has about 40% of the rainforest within its boundaries and the other countries are Peru, Columbia, Equator and Bolivia. These countries are considered poor countries in the world economy, but we expect them to protect one of the world’s biggest natural resources at their own expense.

This is an unrealistic expectation and I personally think that the capitalists of the world is exploiting this situation by felling the trees and selling the timber for their own benefit, not considering the effect on the planet. We should rather leave the rainforest alone as they are responsible for absorbing the carbon dioxide, causing global warming, and releasing oxygen which is what we need to survive, hereby the rainforest is acting as the lungs of our planet. They also assist in keeping the planet at a stable temperature. Like any natural system it is best not to interfere with its natural functions. We should leave the rainforest alone and rather start a special worldwide fund to pay the South Americans to look after our rainforest. The planet cannot survive without these lungs and the price to pay for its safekeeping is small considering the consequences for the planet if it loses these resources. As you can see this is defiantly not a media hype it’s a fact and we better start doing something ore else we are in for a big surprise… Remember to recycle it safes the trees in the rainforest and our planet!!
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