Nothing Can Replace a Tree

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Did you know that one fully-developed tree produces oxygen for ten people every spring? Imagine walking on the sidewalk in your city’s downtown area. As you’re window shopping, you notice a tall, thin rectangular post implanted into the concrete substituting a tree. On the side of the post, there’s a slogan that reads nothing can replace a tree written in capital white letters with a black background. You pay closer attention to the sidewalk and realize that a silhouette of a palm tree is reflecting off of the rectangular post. The author of the advertisement is an environmentalist trying to persuade readers to preserve the trees because they are irreplaceable and very essential to our environment. The author states that trees are irreplaceable in our environment. The target audience of this advertisement is everyone. The future of our earth relies on our contributions to taking better care of the environment. The advertisement is a public service announcement stating that trees are being used to make materials when they need to be preserved.

The author of the advertisement, which is an environmentalist, is stating that trees are irreplaceable in our environment. They filter the air by capturing airborne pollutants, condensing heat, and absorbing contaminants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Tress help regulate the ecosystem. When there are fewer trees, there are fewer chances for rain. As a result, there will be less water for providing irrigation for harvesting food. Once that occurs, there is famine, which has been occurring around the world for years. The main reason that trees are being removed is because many corporations want to make profit form the lumber produced by trees. They use the lumber to build their businesses as well as homes. As a result, there is more money being made and fewer trees on the earth. I cry when I see commercials that show hungry children around the world that are suffering because we’re not taking...
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