Value of Trees

Topics: Soil, Carbon dioxide, Humus Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: August 11, 2012
Environmental Report on the Value of Trees
Trees play a significant part in our community and to our local wildlife as they improve and provide a number of important environmental benefits. They provide better air quality for us by filtering the airborne pollutants and by removing the atmospheric carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and places with cleaner air (places with more trees) extend people’s life force by months or even years. This impacts the organisms by contributing to the carbon cycle, during its process of photosynthesis- for example, an organism can have a better life living in cleaner air. Wildlife also relies on trees, the provider of their habitat, and many animals will be lost with no home if any destruction is taken towards the trees. The animals also rely on trees for its nutrients as the waste (fallen leaves) is recycled by invertebrates, fungi and bacteria in the soil to provide nutrients to the tree and other organisms. They can also rely on trees by eating the leaves directly and getting the nutrients straight from the leaf, as they cannot provide it themselves and if trees do not exist, animals will not have a stable source of nutrients. Flooding and pollution of waterways has been reduced due to how the trees reduce the stormwater run-off, by capturing and storing the rainfall in the canopy, and releasing the water into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration instead. In addition to this, the tree roots and leaf litter create soil conditions that improve the infiltration of rainwater into the soil and through this, our ground supply is replenished and our stream flow is maintained during dry periods. They also control the climate by moderating effects of the sun, wind and rain and reduce air temperatures in summer, by reducing global warming. It also makes places with urban surroundings more natural and fresh. Trees help attract birds and other animals into the area and this is important because the animals can help spread the plant...
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