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1) Foodles in the Noodle Bowl 2) HUL`S Marketing Mantra 4M 3) Oiling the Chain

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26) Pepsodent fights on 27) Prickly Competition to beat the heat 28) Clash of the Teutons 29) Three screens & the cloud 30) Coming out of the Closet 31) Match on for Videocon 32) Reebok Straddles Mass & Class 33) IITS Slip in Asian University rankings 34) Ad Fest or War Fest 35) Idiots lead the pack 36) Amrutanjan: Pain for suitors 37) Fast moving food business 38) Stretching out in a tight space 39) Summer Mischief 40) Scaling the Chinese Wall 41) Volkswagens big leap 42) General Electric 2.0 43) Danone India seeks wealth in health 44) Overseas Call 45) In-Film branding goes regional 46) Designs on Profit 47) Are you game? 48) Kellogg`s goes snacking 49) Radio days are back 50) Money for Value

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4) The Battle of the Bourses 5) Back to Data 6) The Del Monte Difference

7) Building Brand Infosys 8) Entertainment Incorporated 9) Nerolac nets a new Hue 10) Can Kwality Walls beat the heat 11) Spicejets flight to profit 12) Slower trade, Smaller packs 13) Turbo Turnaround 14) Tale of Contrast 15) German Design 16) Unity in Diversity 17) Change the Green Knight 18) Korean takeover 19) Indovation 20) Building Virtual Mall 21) A Fresh Coat for Dulux 22) Social Media altering role of Brand Managers 23) Seeking to score a Goal 24) Chevrolet all the way 25) Time to Zoop

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have grown 15 per cent in the last one year. ITC, which has done well for itself in categories like flour, salted snacks, confectionaries and biscuits, has so far shied away from instant noodles; its cooks and experts have not been able to come out with a unique flavour to take on Maggi. GSK has chosen Horlicks Foodles for its entry into salty foods, a category that hinges on the very subjective criterion of taste. On its target is 6 per cent of the market in a year or so.

GSK is pitching new Horlicks Foodles as a healthier option in instant noodles. Can it storm Maggi’s stronghold? Sayantani Kar laxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK) has entered the instant noodles market which is ruled by a brand that is synonymous with the category — Nestlé’s Maggi. While its Rs 1,500-crore malted drink additive, Horlicks, has had a long reign at the top, this time GSK is the challenger. Instant noodles were introduced in the country by Nestlé under Maggi in 1984. Since then, many rivals have come and gone but Maggi’s rule has remained unshakable. The market for instant noodles is worth Rs 1,137 crore, according to Nielsen, and is growing at 20 per cent per annum. Out of this, Maggi Masala-flavoured maida (processed flour) noodles command around 91 per cent; other Maggi products and flavours, and all other brands make the remaining 9 per cent. No other food category has such dominance of one brand. Horlicks Foodles is GSK’s attempt to get a share of this pie. Not just Nestlé’s Maggi, it has to contend with Hindustan Unilever which has entered the instant noodles snacking segment for the second time with Knorr Soupy Noodles. (It had earlier tried its hand with a tie-up with Indo-Nissin for its Smoodles in the 1990s. It had also launched and later withdrawn a rice- and vegetable-based pudding with a chutney mix for evening snacking called 4 O’Clock Tiffin earlier this decade.) Private labels of large retailers like the Future group (Tasty Treat) have gained some traction with their lower price tags — some of them claim to


instant noodles were not usually considered healthy. It found that mothers felt guilty serving instant noodles to children because maida is not as healthy as atta or wholegram wheat. As a result, mothers fortified the noodles with vegetables and eggs. This was a vital clue for GSK before it...
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