Letter of Advice

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Martha Allen
COM200 Interpersonal Communication
Elissa Engel
February 11, 2013

Dear Sara and Tim,

My advice to you for a successful relationship is. While not communicating with your spouse only leads to divorce, this letter is to help you in your new marriage in hope that this would help you for many, many, years to come. Because communicating well to your spouse effectively increases longevity of marriage, developments of interpersonal communication are essential, and communication is the main key to any relationship.

To say you cannot communicate or in other words you cannot communicate well is to say the easiest and the lightest way to say you need to improve your communication skills always remember that what you say is not “just” what you say. Body language, gestures, and verbal attitude all have a prominent say so in what you are saying. Just saying it verbally has many different meanings especially the way you say it.

When you include body gestures in the verbal communication also have a way to sneak up on you as in saying something to upset or confuse the person you are communicating with. To use verbal communication and body gestures can be very confusing the best communications are the ones very well thought out and rehearsed. Even those specially practiced can also go awry. So it is best to keep everything as simple as you can but with meaning and thought.

To say something at the dinner table would have different meanings also. Unless you are very familiar with the person you are communicating with at the dinner table it could also be very tricky and not give you the outcome that you wished. Before you communicate anything you need to follow some simple steps. “Who" are you talking to, your audience; to speak to professors and college students (alumni) body gestures are strictly forbidden. Verbally project your thoughts and ideas. To your spouse always use compassion and never, never yell or project. (...
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