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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Name: Yuzana Ohn Myint| Level: Beginner| Lesson No. 4| Lesson length:40 mins| Date: 02 / 05 / 2013| Lesson type/topic: Present simple exercises| Aim: To help Ls improve their speaking and writing skills by using the target language| Learning Outcomes: 1. Ls will be able to use the target language to talk about their daily routines 2. Ls will be able to do a piece of writing using the target language| For this lesson, what do the Ss know already? What have they done already?I anticipate that Ls will already be familiar with the present simple to a certain extent as it has been taught to them by my co-trainees.| What problems do I think Ss will have in this lesson? 1. Some Ls could not be familiar with the first speaking activity as they have to talk about a character using the given data in the table. 2. Some Ls might find it difficult to construct the sentence using the given verbs in the speaking activity 2. 3. Weaker Ls may face some difficulties in the writing activity.| What am I going to do about these problems? 1. I will make sure that all Ls have fully understood what they are supposed to do before starting the activity. I will demonstrate the activity with some examples. 2. I will work on sentence structures by drilling and writing on w/b. 3. I will help and encourage them to write as much as they can.| These are the materials and / or teaching aids I will use in the lesson:pictures from Google, flash cards and worksheets| My personal teaching aim for today is: Nominated questions and good time keeping| Tutor evaluation of plan: S* N* Comment:|

Language Analysis: use this page to show you have researched and understood your target language. You may not need all 3 sections for each lesson but should complete as much as is applicable to your lesson.

Grammar: What is the form of the t/l?Example:...
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