The Devil and Tom Walker

Topics: Spanish language, Education, Language acquisition Pages: 5 (1100 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Mundy’s Mill High School
Department of Foreign Language
Jonesboro, GA

Instructor’s Name: Florencia I. Anderson Class Name: Spanish II Room No. 115 E-mail: Textbook: Glencoe – En Español Replacement cost: $ 55 Period: _________________ Time: _____________ * Facebook: lamaestraespañol

Course Description:
Spanish is a college preparatory course designed to teach students to communicate in Spanish. Emphasis will be placed on all four components of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as the culture of Spanish-Speaking countries through daily activities in the classroom, projects and presentations. The essential goal of this course is to continue to develop your communicative competence in the target language and to understand the target culture.

Required Materials:Suggested Materials:
. Notebook. Spanish/English, English/Spanish Dictionary . Pencils/ Pen . Color Markers
. Three ring binder. Construction Paper
. Index cards. Scissors, glue, and ruler

Classroom Expectations:
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Every student is expected to be prepared to come to class every day, by preparing homework as this is essential to reach our goals and objectives.

Your class participation and consistent effort to use the target language will be evaluated daily. Students should successfully pass exams which will prepare them for course work at a college level.

Make-Up Work Policy:
There will be no make-ups for exams or quizzes. However, if a student misses a class due to a medical emergency, or an extra curriculum activity sponsor by Mundy’s Mill, then the student should show the excuse to the teacher. The students have three (03) days to make-up work, and are responsible for speaking with the teacher about collecting missed material.*

Late Work Policy: Late work will be accepted.*

Grading Scale:A = 100/90 - B = 89/80 - C = 79/71 - D = 70 - F = Below 70

Assignments and Percentage of Total Grade:

Spanish II| Percentage|
Dialogues (Class work – Participation)| 20%|
Quizzes and Test| 20%|
Notebook| 15%|
Graded Written Assignments and Presentation| 15%|
| |

I agree,
Student name_________________________________Parent/Guardian name: ________________________________

At the End of the First Year of Foreign Language Spanish Instruction you will:

* Talk about what you like
* Communicate what you need
* Explain how you feel
* Ask for help
* Give simple directions
* Show that you understand and can give simple directions and instructions. * Give information about yourself and others.
* Ask simple questions
* Use gestures and body language to show what you mean.
* Get the main idea and pick out essential details when you listen and read. * Read announcements, messages, advertisements, and simple paragraphs. * Tell the difference among statements, questions, and exclamations * Give brief oral presentations like dialogues and skits

* Write short paragraphs
* Learn and talk about family and leisure activities, holidays, shopping, and foods from the target culture(s). * Look at how language influence each other
* Hear and read about major current events of the target culture(s). * Learn about geography and history of countries of the target language. * Look at examples of the target language and culture(s) in media, entertainment, and technology.

How well will you be able to use your language at the end of the year?

You will be able to understand much of what your teacher says, and you will be able to understand your classmates. You will also be able to understand some of what you hear when you listen to native speakers talk about things you learn in class. When you talk, you may...
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