Surgical Hand Washing

Topics: Staphylococcus aureus, Antibiotic resistance, Nosocomial infection Pages: 11 (3239 words) Published: May 10, 2013
1. Name of the student:
2. Subject:
3. Topic:
4. Group: B.Sc. (N) 1st year 5. Place: Ambika College Of Nursing, Kharar. 6. Method of teaching: Lecture cum discussion 7. Teaching aids:

General Objectives:
The students of B.Sc.(N)1st year will have knowledge regarding prevention and control of nosocomial infection .

Specific objective:
At the structured teaching programme the students will be able to : 1. Introduces the topic
2. Meaning and definition
3. Risk factors of nosocomial infection
4. Sources of nosocomial infection
5. Modes of transmission of nosocomial infection
6. Common types of nosocomial infection
7. Diagnosis of nosocomial infection
8. Prevention and control of nosocomial infection

Time| Specific objectives| Content| Teaching Learning activities| Evaluation| | To introduces topicTo define topic| Introduction:Nosocomial infections can be defined as those occuring within 48 hours of hospital admission, 3days of discharge or 30 days of an operation .they effect 1 in 10 patients admitted to hospital. Annually, this results in 5000 deaths with cost to the national health of a billion pounds. ICU patients are particularly at risk from nosocomial infection as result of mechanical ventilation, use of invasive procedures and their immunocompromised status.Definition:Nosocomial infection comes from Greek word “nosus” meaning disease and “Komeion” meaning to take care of . The term Nosocomial infection(hospital acquired infection, hospital associated infection, hospital infection )is defined as infection developing in patients after admission to the hospital, which was neither present nor in the incubation period at the time of hospitalisation .Such infections may become evident during their stay in the hospital or sometimes, after their discharge from hospital.| | Students are able to answer with minimum help|

Time| Specific objectives| Content| Teaching Learning activities| Evaluation| | | Nosocomial Infections in India: * In India nosocomial infection rate is at over 25%. * Frequency is 1 in every 4 patients admitted in the hospital. * 1/3rd of all such infections are preventable. * Responsible for more mortality than other form of accidental death.Categories: * Infections contracted and developing within hospital eg. Post operative wound infection. * Infections contracted in hospital but not becoming clinically apparent until after discharge. * Infections contracted by hospital staff as a consequence of their occupation eg. Hepatitis B. | | |

Time| Specific objectives| Content| Teaching Learning activities| Evaluation| | Enlist the risk factors of nosocomial infection| Risk Factors of Nosocomial Infection: * Hospital pathogens. * Poor condition of hospital. * Impaired natural resistance of infection. * Pre-existing disease, eg.- diabetes ,immune deficiency state etc. * Immunosuppresive therapy : cytotoxic drugs, radiotherapy etc. * Bypass of defence mechanism of body surfaces * Crowding of patients. * Extremes of age. * Instruments, eg.-indwelling catheters, tracheostomy, etc. * Antibiotic treatment- Selective pressure on microbial flora-resistance and virulent strains.| | |

Time| Specific objectives| Content| Teaching Learning activities| Evaluation| | Explain the sources of nosocomial infections| Sources of nosocomial infection: * Exogenous: (from another person/ CROSS INFECTION)Nosocomial infection is mostly exogenous from another patient or member of the staff or from the environment in the hospital. Patients and hospital personnel suffering from infection or asymptomatic carriers are the most important sources. Environmental sources include-inanimate objects, air, water and food in the hospital. Inanimate objects in the hospital are medical equipments...
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