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“Coverage of the minimum core is intended to provide a teacher with the minimum level of skills in language, literacy, numeracy and ICT (LLN & I) that are essential to teachers who work in the lifelong learning sector.” City and Guilds (2008) Learners’ particular literacy, language, numeracy and ICT needs can be established through initial assessment, talking to learners, observing them completing activities or using simple self assessment tests. “Recognizing and using a variety of different teaching styles is particularly important to support literacy, language and number skills development. Learners working towards literacy, language, and numeracy goals will benefit from teaching which works to their strengths. The teaching styles which you adopt will have an impact on the type of language skills your learners will need to acquire. A didactic approach for example, may require listening and note taking skills predominantly, whereas a more learner centered approach may require higher level reading skills as learners are asked to interpret information for themselves. Even when we are trying to adapt to individual learning styles, the variety of activity used will have an impact on the language skills required within a particular programme of study. The language demands placed on learners are a direct result of teacher led mediation of learning.” [Skills for Life Quality Initiative Training Materials]

By applying minimum core specification in Literacy, Languages, Numeracy and ICT will improve my teaching and learning of my learners by having an understanding and knowledge of the attitudes, prior learning, attainment and different rates of learner progress. For learning difficulties and disabilities, it enables me to identify the resources, specialist equipment, teaching strategies and referral procedures which could help my learners overcome their difficulties. By using the information from specialist would enable me to plan learning which takes account of the...
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