Practicum Learning Agreement

Topics: Pulmonology, Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Telemetry Pages: 4 (938 words) Published: April 16, 2011
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Practicum Learning Agreement
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* Practicum Goal: * Prevent further complications in respiratory distress by educating the nurse on the use of CPAP and BiPAP to support the patient population with acute respiratory distress and other chronic respiratory illness.|

* Complete this column for Week One – NUR/590A| * Complete this column for Week Two – NUR/590A| * Complete this column for Week Two – NUR/590A| * Complete Before Midpoint Review| * Complete Before You Start NUR/590B| * Learning Objectives| * Learning Strategies| * Evidence of Accomplishments| * Midpoint Review (at 30 hours of Practicum Project) | * Outcome-

To Be Completed Prior to Starting NUR/590B |
* 1.0 Analyze the educational needs of the nursing staff on a general telemetry nursing unit regarding respiratory problems.| 1a) Analyze published articles that have been peer reviewed addressing chronic and acute respiratory issues related to the need of CPAP and BiPAP1b) Review literature articles in developing a learning needs assessment tool * * * 1c) Review learning needs assessment tool with mentor * * * * 1d) Administer the learning needs assessment tool to nurses on a Telemetry unit| * 1a) Provide a annotated bibliography of published articles reviewed in practicum journal * * * 1b) Submit a written development of needs assessment tool in practicum journal * * * 1c) Document the discussion with mentor in the development of needs assessment tool in practicum journal * * * * * 1d) Submit results of the learning needs assessment in practicum journal| * CompletedCompletedCompletedCompleted| * 1a)The research article conducted provided information needed in developing the educational teaching for CPAP and BIPAP1b) Developing a needs assessment was a challenge in determining the appropriate questions to ask. The information obtain...
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