Lesson Plan

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1. Identify the synonyms through the context clues.
2. Appreciate what God is given to us and glorify as well through a poem.
3. Find out the rhymes in the poem.
4. Apply a certain musical tone on the poem.
5. Respond to the story through the following engagement activities:
Group1: Character profile chart.
Gruop2: “What should I do?” chart
Group3: Reflection Chart
Group4: Cause and Effect Chart
Group5: Poem musical composition

GOLD: Use adjective in a series in a correct order
TS: Determine the synonyms and antonyms.

-Read aloud-Using Chart
- Questioning- Predicting

1. Appreciation of God’s gift
2. Be contented

A. Poem : “I Love Myself”
B. Textbook : English for all Times 6, p. 3-7 and English for You and Me, p.106-111 C. Materials : Different Charts/cartolina, colored paper, pictures


A. Preparatory Activities
1. Prayer
2. Checking of attendance
3. Seating arrangement

B. Preliminary Activities
1. Pre-reading
1. Motivation
a. Ask the questions: “Do you experience to feel love?” “Are you in love right now?” “Who is the person you love” b. Present the title of the poem.

2. Unlocking of New/Difficult Words
Replace the underlined expression in each sentence with an original word from the box. Write your answer on the blank before each number. Do this on a sheet of paper.

|is capable of making rage | |rearrange judge |

__________1. Katy is such a good and friendly girl. She does not talk evil of others.

__________2. Ara can dodifferent designs of bags.

__________3. My teacher give me a tip whenever I have intense anger with anyone.

__________4. Ms. Maelyn reminded her students to change the order of verbs to make the sentence correct.

3. Motive Question
Present the title of the poem again. Then ask, “What questions come up to your mind when see and read the title of the poem”

Expected question/s:
Why does the author love herself/himself?
Why not others?

2. Active Reading
1. First reading………………..Teacher
2. Second reading………………pupils interact with text.

3. Post reading
1. Lead the class to answer the motive question.
3.2 Ask what is/are rhyme/s in the poem.

Critical Thinking
1. Divide the class into 5 groups and give each group an activity. The discussion of the poem follows. 2. The small group activities are presented as the discussion goes on.

|Engagement 1 |Engagement 2 | |(small group activities) |(discussion of the poem) | |Group1: Character profile chart |Who is talking in the poem? | |Identify the character/s in the poem and tell everything about |Why does the writer said he/she love him/herself? | |him/her. |What does he/she mean when he/she said “I’ve always been the perfect | | |me, there’s nothing to rearrange” in the first stanza? | |Group2: Cause and effectChart |What are the common causes of fears, tears and rage among children? | |Group3: “What Should I do” Chart...
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