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At the end of the lesson, at least 75% of the pupils should be able to;

a.Define the circle graph
b.Identify the title, the sectors and sector labels of the circle graph c.Read and interpret circle graph

Topic: “Circle Graph”
Materials: charts, flash cards
Reference: Mathematics for Everyday Use
By: Isabel V. Castro, Ed.D.
pp. 243-245
III- Procedure
A.Classroom Management
1.Prayer (the teacher will call a pupil to lead the prayer) 2.Greetings

The teacher will ask the pupils about their daily allowance/budget in connection with the topic for the day which is a circle graph. 1.Who among you here had given a daily allowance from your parents? 2.How did you budget your allowance every day?

C.Lesson proper
The teacher will present an examples and chart defining a circle graph and its properties.

Circle graph- is a graph in the form of a circle that is divided into sectors. It is also called a “pie chart”. Graph title- gives an overview of the information displayed in the graph. Sectors- represent a part of a set of data.

Sector labels-indicates the category of information it refers to, and may also give numeric data (often percentage) so we know the size of each sector.
Properties of a Circle Graph
They are circular shaped graph with the entire circle representing the whole. •Circle is then split into parts or sectors
Each sector represent a part of the whole
Each sector is proportional in size to the amount each sector represents.

Examples of Circle Graph
In the example shown below, the circle graph shows the percentages of people who like different fruits. Each sector in the circle graph represents the percentage of people liking the respective fruit.

Solved Example on Circle Graph...
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