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  • Published : September 4, 2011
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Jessica O. LeañoDr. Nanette Tandingan
Beed-3A 09/01/11CN 24

Objectives | Content | Strategies | Evaluation | Assignment | In this lesson, the learner's are expected to: Identify the different attitudes of the Characters Show interest in the discussion through the active participation perform the collaborative activities to reinforce the learning. | | A. Routinary Checking of Classroom Prayer Greetings Checking of attendance B. Review The student will give the characters in the story Give the characters in story of Footnote to youth C. Motivation who is the protagonist? who is the antagonist? Give the values of the story Footnote to youth Give the Summary using this graphic organizer D. Lesson Proper There are some adjectives that change the word we call these irregular adjectives. Here are the examples Good, better, best Bad, worse, worst Many, more, most Guide Questions. How will you know that this are adjectives? Why are this called adjectives? What did you notice about the sentences? What are the three degree comparison of adjectives? What is positive adjectives? What is comparative adjectives? What is superlative adjectives? Give examples of Postive. Give examples of Comparative. Give examples of Superlative. E. Groupings Learning Styles Mastery | Intrapersonal | Create Visual organizer to explain the degree of adjectives Have the Students practice the degree of comparison of by using their body | Write the personal narartive report using the degre of adjectives. Make the joint story using the degree of adjectives. | Understanding | Self- Expressive | Analyze the sentences and give the adjectives. Explain the uses of the comparison of the degree of adjectives. | Make a song to explain the degree of adjectives. Create the...
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