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Lesson Planning
A lesson plan is a daily plan usually written as an outline or detailed statement by the teacher for the purpose of teaching students, sharing with colleagues and following up the particular lesson/s in her/his classroom.

SMART Lesson Plans
The success of the lesson will depend to a great extent on how EFFECTIVE the lesson is planned. The teacher through using the SMART abbreviation given below can plan and write lesson plans that are effective.

S = Specific:
The aims and procedures in the lesson plans should be specific and to the point using action verbs (e.g. List, add. Subtract, write, etc) to describe teacher and student activities/ roles during the lesson.

M = Measurable:
It should be possible to easily evaluate the student activity / roles during or after the lesson. If this is difficult or impossible the lesson plan is not measurable.

A = Achievable:
The aims of the lesson should be fulfilled within the time given for the lesson (e.g. An aim that requires students to answer ten broad questions in 40 minutes cannot be completed or achieved).

R = Realistic
The topic/ content of the lesson should be within the learning ability of the students. A topic in the lesson plan that is too heard for the students to understand is not realistic and cannot produce a successful lesson.

T = Time bound
The lesson plan should be completed within the time limit and include specific times given in the margins for each teacher and student activity.

Importance of lesson planning for the teacher

Importance’s of lesson planning are as follows –
I. Increase knowledge: The necessity and craving of preparing a lesson note bound the teacher to learn her/his subject. S/he has to study the “text”, Teachers’ Guide, and other reference books like dictionary. II. It reminds forgotten points: A lesson plan help the memory of the teacher during the execution of the lesson. III. It saves time: The teacher can finish her/ his...
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