Leadership Assignment

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  • Published: January 20, 2010
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Leadership is the ability to lead a group of people within an organization with certain values and code of conducts in an effective way. The current situation in the global market, where there is plenty of competition between various Enterprises, there is a huge demand for a useful and a successful leader. The high complexity of the technology, economic, social and political factors make all the more complicated for the leader to take favourable decisions. Consequently, the margin for error is so minimal that any wrong decision taken by the leader will put the whole group of people into precarious situation.

Leadership Definition
➢ Leadership is a method of directing a cluster of people to meet a set of pre-defined objectives. ➢ “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” - Peter B Northouse ,Leadership: Theory and Practice , Pg 3 Imminent changes across the environment

“Do we have corporate cultures that are anchors on change? or cultures that enable us to adapt to the changing environment” - Warren Bennis , Rowan Gibson, Rethinking the Future, Pg 164 From the Time immemorial, it’s been witnessed throughout the History that Leadership Skills have always played a vital part in accomplishing a Mission. History has also shown that a leadership strategy can vary depending upon the individual’s character, the time period and circumstances. The strategy for ruling a government has been more monarchic during the Age of Kings and Age of Empires and then changed into forms of Dictatorship, Marxism and now socialism, communism, and democracy being prevalent. It is quite plausible to compare the running of a government to running an organization in terms of managing a large group of people towards achieving a set of objectives and it particularly applies well to large scale organizations which have Employees above a Million in numbers. Thus,...
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