Are Leaders Made or Born?

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Running Head: Are Leaders Made or Born?

When organizations hire successful leaders, people often wonder how the leader became such a success. Many often ask how a person learned to be a leader. Some would assume that a good college education was the reason for such success. It is often said that leaders are born while others believe that leaders are made. There has been much debate on the subject for many years. The purpose research paper is to determine if leaders are born or if leaders are made. The research obtained for this paper is was retrieved from online periodicals and articles. The discovery made in this paper is that all leaders born and made have many of the same characteristics whether they are deemed born or made. Introduction

Leadership in an organization is extremely important to the success of an organization. The goal of leaders is to accomplish goals and tasks set force by an organization. A good leader has the ability to guide and influence those that they lead to help accomplish those goals. This paper will first define what leadership is. Second, this paper will explain what an effective leader is and what an ineffective leader. Next, the debate of whether leaders are born or made will be discussed. Finally, a look at our future leaders will be defined. Leadership Defined

Leadership is the process of leading, influencing, guiding and motivating a group of individuals to accomplish certain goals. When we see a person in a leadership position we usually expect to see someone that is very knowledgeable, professional and makes good decisions. Leadership styles tend to be different depending on the size of the group that that leader is responsible for. A leader with a large group may tend to be more impersonal while a leader with a small group is able to have closer one on one relationship with their followers. Leading a large group can be a difficult task because larger groups tend to come with more problems than smaller groups. Leaders are usually self motivated and know how to influence others to follow. They must also be trust worthy of those they lead. A leader that is not trusted results in problems within the group and the organization. More can get accomplished if followers trust their leader. The question is are leaders are made or were they born? There has been many who argue these issues. Types of leaders

There are many types of leaders and leadership styles. But for all leaders they can fit into two categories, effective leaders and ineffective leaders. An effective leader would be a person who has a passion to accomplish goals and has the ability to lead and influence others in meeting those goals. The effective leader knows how to be part of a team and has the skills necessary to lead. Effective leaders possess certain values such as being sensitive to the needs of others, being a good listener, and having the ability to communicate well with others. They also recognize their own strengths and abilities and use them for positive results. An effective leader should possess other qualities as well such as the ability to plan, organize, is knowledgeable and brings creativity to the team. Effective leaders understand that if they lead a team in the right direction and create a culture that will allow everyone to meet organizational goals. Effective leaders lead by example. An ineffective leader is a person who not available to a team in many ways. They lack the ability to communicate well which in turn hinders a good relationship between self and members of the group that they lead. Ineffective leaders also lack the ability to be sensitive to the needs of others. They also lack the creativity, planning, organization and knowledge that are necessary to effectively lead the group towards accomplishing organizational goals. An ineffective leader would also be the type that places fear in individuals in order to accomplish their own specific goals. This leader may feel that...
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