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Topics: Leadership, Management, Servant leadership Pages: 9 (3012 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Case Study: Leadership Assessments for Succession of the Robinson Agency Kia Williams
University of the Rockies


This paper is a case presentation of a collaborative effort between an established leader of firm and a consultant team to develop an assessment approach in preparation for Mr. Robinson’s retirement and succession plan. Given that this once small family owned business has developed into a well-established firm under the tutelage of Mr. Robinson, he desires for the legacy to live on after he retires. The paper will discuss the role of assessments and how helpful they can be in a multitude of ways when planning the selection and management of current and potential talent. Case Study: Leadership Assessments for Succession of the Robinson Agency

The task at hand is to assist Mr. Robinson with the development of an assessment plan for his successful company that he will turn over to his successor(s) in 5-10 years. Mr. Robinson would need to identify long-term and short-term goals for the organization with a vision in mind for how the company will continue to be successful. It is very important that this plan be implemented and its effects gauged notably prior to Mr. Robinson’s departure from the company. Mr. Robinson will be deciding what kind of leaders he wants to turn the company over to. Does he already have enough of those leaders? Are there leaders currently employed that can be developed to the standard Mr. Robinson is looking for? How will Mr. Robinson go about identifying those leaders, current characteristics and development potential? These are all questions to be considered when working with Mr. Robinson to develop a plan for the company’s success and future performance. A goal in helping Mr. Robinson’s assessment plan development is to be able to help him come up with a clear definition for talent and how to measure potential in his pool of leaders and possible future leaders (Silzer & Davis, 2010). Silzer and Davis (2010) write that many organizations’ assessment plans don’t work because companies miss this crucial step in the planning phase. Financial resources as well as human resources play a mandatory role in the success of an assessment development plan. Mr. Robinson’s business requirement and goals will need to be identified. The talent skills associated with those goals and requirements need to be specified as well. In addition, a strategy needs to be developed that select employees that have the potential to either develop those skills needed or improve them if they already possess a certain level of those skills (Silzer & Davis, 2010). One of the roles of the consultation team is to help Mr. Robinson identify key factors for identifying potential within the talent pool. Silzer and Davis(2010) provide an approach that is incorporates common categories from eleven models used by organizational surveys and models for identifying these factors. Key factors are as follows: * The individual’s cognitive abilities to include “big picture” or conceptual thinking, intellect and ability to deal with complex situations that may not always be clear. * Personality variables such as maturity, resilience, interpersonal skills etc. * Learning variables to include ability to accept feedback, how they learn and willingness to learn, adaptability and flexibility. * Leadership skills that manage, empower, influence, inspire, challenge and develop others. * Motivation variables that impact desire, aspirations, tenacity, advancement goals, risk taking, commitment to the organization and being outcome oriented. * Performance record aka track record during their experience in a leadership role * Other factors include variables such as mobility, cultural fit, business savvy, technological savvy and diversity (Silzer & Davis, 2010) One way that Mr. Robinson may want to prepare leaders that he has identified for succession planning could be via modeling and providing...
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