Expanded Comparison Matrix Paper

Topics: Leadership, Research, Quantitative research Pages: 5 (1544 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Expanded Comparison Matrix Paper
Amy R. Rhone
Grand Canyon University: RES 811 – Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship July 9, 2012
The three articles used for this comparison matrix looked at transformational leadership and how it affects those in relation to each study. The three articles were all written with a different purpose in mind, with all three correlating to the same hypothesis, “How does transformational leadership affect employees/individuals in different settings?” With similarities found in topic, it was also evident that there were several contrasting variables within each article. The three empirical articles that were utilized for this comparison were as follows: Transformational Leadership in the Public Sector: Does Structure Matter, written by: Bradley Wright and Sanjay Pandey, The Effect Of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on the Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Customer Contact Personnel, written by: Charles Emery and Katherine Barker, and Principal Leadership and Student Achievement: What is the Effect of Transformational Leadership in Conjunction with Instructional Leadership on Student Achievement, written by: William Greb. A Comparison of the Research Questions Posed for the Studies and the Sample Populations

The initial article, written by Wright and Pandey, poses the question if whether “the more hierarchical an organization’s authority structure results in lower reported practice of transformational leadership behavior?” (Wright & Pandy, 2009, pg. 78). It also suggests that “the weaker the lateral/upward communication is in an organization, the lower the reported practice of transformational leadership behaviors.” (Wright & Pandy, 2009, pg. 78). This, in conjunction with the sample population that was used, shows that this research is quantitative in nature. It was clear from the beginning of this article that the author was specifically attempting to determine if structure matters in the public sector when transformational leadership is present. The second article, The Effect Of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on the Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Customer Contact Personnel, “examines the effect of transactional and transformational leadership on the organizational commitment and job satisfaction of customer contact personnel in banking and food store organizations.” (Emery & Barker, 2007, pg. 81). The sample population in this study was small with a random sampling of who responded to an condensed version of an instrument used to measure the constructs of transformational and transactional leadership. It was evident that through the different types of methodology within this article that mixed methods approach of research was conducted. Article three. Principal Leadership and Student Achievement…, is a quantitative research article that looks at a way to develop a better understanding of how successful principals lead and how they help their students achieve at higher levels through their role as a principal. The article uses a large sample population with analysis of numerical data. A Comparison of the Results of the Study

All three articles had similar results from their research and looked at transformational leadership in some sort of setting. From the three articles, it is evident that more research needs to be done on the effect of transformational leadership in the different settings used in this research. Does the research from these articles provide true valuable insights into the efficacy of transformational leadership across venues? The results of article one are based on quantitative data as the intention is to gain accurate capacity and breakdown of intentional concepts and the data is collected from research that is numerical and statistical in nature. The researchers used a questionnaire tool to collect the data. With an abundance...
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