Kudler Fine Foods Business Proposal

Topics: Economics, Management, Finance Pages: 4 (1489 words) Published: July 28, 2011
Kudler Fine Foods: Business Proposal
Robert Dobbs
ECO 561
Paul Updike

Kudler Fine Foods
This business proposal is created to provide recommendations to Kudler Fine Foods in an effort to increase revenue and the associated ideal production levels for the operation. Included will be associated recommendations to assist Kudler Fine Foods in adjusting fixed and variable costs to maximize profit while identifying methods to reduce costs. This proposal will include the processes used in creating the recommendations and some economic concepts relative to the recommendations. Assumptions made about FGI and its values as a foundation for the recommendations will also be included. What are some of the issues at Kudler Fine Foods? 1. Del Mar Store is having some difficulties.

2. Kathy not able to interact with customers.
3. Perishable goods that have to be rotated out every 2 to 3 days. 4. Small management team.
5. Economy.
The Del Mar store having difficulties being successful. Kathy has decided to not renew the leases for this location and when her other location in Carlsbad opens up; she will close the Del Mar location. These issues Kathy is currently dealing with but does she necessarily have to close this location and will the location at Carlsbad be as successful as she thinks? Maybe she should determine what specifically can be done to improve the location because she is contemplating a possible statewide campaign to open more stores and she will have to deal with locations that need more than just moving the location to make them successful. The second issue is Kathy not being able to interact with the customers and this issue goes beyond that and into a greater issue of time management for Kathy. Kathy is obviously taking on much more than she should and she needs to delegate down through a management chain of command the day-to-day duties that would lighten her work load....
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