Kudler Fine Foods Accounting System

Topics: Privacy, Law, Customer Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Kudler Accounting System
Ashley Rivera
June 11, 2012

Kudler Accounting System
In 1998, Kudler Fine Foods specialty food store opened its doors and has continued to grow ever since. Within five years, Kudler opened two more stores and business could not be better. To compete with the competition, Kudler Fine Foods realized the benefit of implementing a frequent shopper reward program. The frequent shopper rewards program will keep its members updated on store promotions, sales, and events. Members of this program will also receive special offers and discounts to use at their store. The frequent shopper program focuses on rewarding returning customers by their spending habits and frequency of their purchases. Kudler partnered with a points program to provide their loyal customers with points that can be later redeemed for higher quality items that Kudler has to offer. With this program there are a number of possible issues that must be taken into consideration; legality, security, and ethical concerns.

The first step Kudler must do is establish a rewards program for customers to evaluate the purchasing habits of customers. This is a basic form of market research, but it will be used to increase sales in certain demographic area. To gather such data, customer data must be performed legally with a strong consideration for customer privacy. Customers may choose to disclose or withhold personal information with Kudler Fine Foods. Customers who choose to disclose personal information will assist the company in increasing sales figures, whereas customers that withhold personal information will hinder the data the store needs to use for the reward program and will be unable to participate in the rewards program. Customers willing to share personal data will be protected in terms of privacy. The use of customer information for any other use not specified initially by the company may result in some form of legal action in relation to individual privacy and...
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