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Gwadar Port Master Plan - Implications for Energy Sector Development 25-26 April 2006

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Gwadar port master plan Gwadar port current situation Port development potential Industrial development potential Traffic forecasts Port zoning plan Development program 2006-2021 Investment opportunities


The Gwadar case – Master plan project

In collaboration with our engineering partners, we have just completed the draft master-plan for the further development of Gwadar port Gwadar port – current situation
One multi-purpose terminal, 600 m berthing space 5 multipurpose cranes, various yard equipment, 2 tugboats, 2 pilot boats, power, water Some building construction & dredging still on-going



The (draft) master plan document is structured in five main sections and thirteen chapters, plus various annexes including drawings Sections / Chapters of the Master Plan
1 Current Situation 2 Gwadar's Development Potential 3 Traffic Forecasts & Development Strategies 4 Physical Development Plans 5 Implementation Management

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Gwadar’s macro environment Chapter 3: Gwadar current developments

Chapter 4: Assessment of Gwadar port development potential Chapter 5: Assessment of Gwadar industrial development potential

Chapter 6: Gwadar industrial development scenarios Chapter 7: Port / cargo traffic forecasts Chapter 8: Port & industrial development strategies and recommendations

Chapter 9: Port land requirements and zoning plan (50 years) Chapter 10: 15 years physical development program

Chapter 11: Operating models, funding program & financial analysis Chapter 12: Institutional and organizational development Chapter 13: Marketing program

Annexes contain details of various analyses and various lay-out drawings and concept drawings


Gwadar current developments – Development plans Gwadar city

The city development Master Plan will help to transform Gwadar city into an economic focal point for Balochistan. Gwadar Master Plan
2 Special industrial zone 3 International airport Export processing zone 4


Residential area

Fishing jetty


Gurab housing 6 scheme Oil refinery & 7 storage 5 Fishing jetty 10 Tourism 1 Residential area Railway terminal 9 Main access roads 8

Efficient completion of all key projects will be critical to reinforce GoP’s commitment and facilitate Gwadar port development 4

Gwadar port development – Sources of port traffic

Sources of traffic lie primarily in local industrial development and national ExIm, with transhipment becoming more important in the longer term Summary Gwadar potential Transit trade with CARs has little potential. Cargo from Xinjang may have potential Implications


Transit trade

Focus efforts on other port traffic contributors for now



Good potential for Gwadar, but only in longer term, when ExIm volumes become large National ExIm offers sizable potential for Gwadar, due to growing national demand

Relying on transhipment to realize port ambitions is not advisable


National ExIm

Stay competitive to capture and support national ExIm traffic

Local industrial 4 development

Key lever to accelerate and sustain rapid port development

Pro-actively develop Gwadar’s local industrial economy to help drive port development


Gwadar port development – Role models for integrated development

There are many relevant examples of recent and successful integrated portindustrial developments Role models
Gwangyang • Port development since 1986 • Built on heavy industries: oil refining, petrochemicals, fertilizer, steel mill, LNG • Soon after combined with special industrial estates for foreign investors • Fully integrated port and industrial planning • Port develops industrial areas and pro-actively drives industrial...
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