Chabahar Port

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Chabahar Free Trade- Industrial Zone (CFZ) is an Iranian free trade zone on the coast of the Gulf of Oman in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It is formed according to the law on the establishment and administration of free trade-industrial zones. It was established in 1992 along with the two other free trade zones, Qeshm and Kish Island to use global expertise, mostly from South East Asia, as a tool for the development of the country, accelerating the accomplishment of infrastructures, creation of productive employment, and representation in the global markets. Chabahar free trade-industrial zone achieved its importance mainly from its geographical location as the shortest and the most secure route connecting Central Asian Independent States (CIS) and Afghanistan to warm waters and it’s proximately to one of the largest oil, gas and mineral resources of the world and as the only ocean port of the country. It is the closest and best access point of Iran to the Indian Ocean. For this reason, Chabahar is the focal point of Iran for development of the east of the country through expansion and enhancement of transit routes among countries situated in the northern part of the Indian Ocean and Central Asia. The hope is that with the development of transit routes, and better security and transit services, the benefits will reach the area residents.

Chabahar free trade-industrial zone has started its activities in 1995 focusing on these major activities; transit and urban development and education under the administration of public controlled Chabahar free trade-industrial zone organization.

In 2002 Chabahar free trade-industrial zone organization established five specialized subsidiary bodies with the permission of the secretariat of high council of Iran free trade-industrial zones, including four holding companies and one education center that is listed below: 1-        Holding company of Transit and Development of Trading. 2-        Holding company of Investment and Industrial Development. 3-        Holding company of Social Welfare and Tourism Development. 4-        Holding company of Professional Civil and Civic Development. 5-        International University of Chabahar.

In 2007, Chabahar free zone canceled some of the subsidiary bodies and turned them into sections of Chabahar free zone organization. Its economic sectors are fishery industries and commercial sector, fishery sectors with largest amount of country’s fish catch, mainly located out of the Chabahar free zone. Growing commercial sector located at free trade area with high potentiality to turn to a place that would connect business growth centers is South Asia (India) and Middle East (Dubai) to Central Asian and Afghanistan market. Government plan to link Chabahar free trade area to Iran’s main rail network which is connected to Central Asia and Afghanistan would provide more capability for Chabahar to faster logistics sector that is a basic to achieve better position comparing to its competitor (Pakistan port of Gwadar). Iran plans to use Chabahar for transshipment to Afghanistan and Central Asia while reserving the port of Bandar Abbas as a major hub mainly for trade with Russia and Europe. Along with Bandar Abbas, Chabahar is the Iranian entrepot on the North-South corridor. A strategic partnership between India, Iran and Russia to establish a multi- modal transport link connecting Mumbai with  

St. Petersburg. Providing Europe and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia access to Asia and vice-versa.

There are two jetties, Shahid Beheshti and Shahid Kalantari. Shahid Beheshti jetty with 18,000 square meters sheltered warehouse, comprehends the capacity of receiving the vessels of 100,000 gross tonnages. Shahid Kalantari jetty with 42,000 square meters sheltered warehouse is able to have the vessels berth.

By a well developed road network, Chabahar has the access to the other neighboring countries as well as the...
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