Juran's Principle

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The JURAN Quality Program
Revolutionized by Dr. Joseph M. Juran--”The Father of Quality” Commerce 399 Group Project Presented by Group A4: Claire, Dan, Grace, Roy, Xinna June 30th 2005 "My job of contributing to the welfare of my fellow man is the great unfinished business."

Presentation Overview
Background Key Distinctive Attributes Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses Examples of Use Training Requirements and Maintenance Needs

Joseph M. Juran--”The Father of Quality”
More than 70+ working years dedicated to the relentless pursuit of quality progress Added in a human dimension to today’s TQM Realized the root cause was people’s resistance to change Was awarded the “Order of the Sacred Treasure” from Japan

Year 1925 Juran’s experience and contributions: Juran started work with the inspection department of Western Electric where he was faced with many quality management challenges Juran applied statistical methods to manufacturing problems


1937 Juran becomes Chief of Industrial Engineering at Western Electric’s home office

Year Juran’s experience and contributions: 1951 The Quality Control Handbook : A reference book for all who are involved in quality management 1950’s Revolutionized the japanese philosophy for TQM and helped shape their economy into an industrial superpower 1964 The Managerial Breakthrough 1979 Juran Institute founded 1986 The Juran Trilogy

Quality Defined
According to Juran, the definition of quality has two aspects from the customer’s perspective: Quality is... 1. A greater number of features that meet customer needs 2. Fewer defects

Key Attributes
The Juran Trilogy Fitness for Use Quality Council Pareto Principle 10 Steps to Quality Improvement

The Juran Trilogy
To attain quality you must begin by establishing the vision, policies and goals of the organization. Converting these goals into results is done through three managerial processes called the JURAN TRILOGY. (aka the three universal processes for managing for quality)

1. Quality Planning 2. Quality Control 3. Quality Improvement Source: Juran Quality Control Handbook, Fifth Edition, 1999

The Juran Trilogy
“Quality does not happen by accident, it must be planned.” 1. Quality Planning: The structured process for designing products and services that meet new breakthrough goals and ensure that customer needs are met. STEPS in the quality planning process...

The Juran Trilogy
STEPS in the quality planning process:
1. Establish the project 2. Identify the customers 3. Discover the customer needs 4. Develop the product 5. Develop the process 6. Develop the controls and transfer to operations

The Juran Trilogy
2. Quality Control: a universal managerial process for conducting operations so as to provide stability--to prevent adverse change and to “maintain the status quo” Quality control can also be described as “a process for meeting the established goals by evaluating and comparing actual performance and planned performance, and taking action on the difference”

The Juran Trilogy
The Quality Control Process:
1. Choose control subject 2. Establish Measurement 3. Establish standards of Performance 4. Measure Actual Performance 5. Compare to Standards (interpret the difference) 6. Take action on the difference

The Juran Trilogy
“All improvement takes place project by project” 3. Quality Improvement: The process for creating breakthrough levels of performance by eliminating wastes and defects to reduce the cost of poor quality Prove the need for improvement Identify the improvement projects Establish project improvement teams

The Juran Trilogy
3. Quality Improvement: (con’t) Provide the project teams with resources, training, and motivation to: diagnose the causes stimulate the remedies establish controls to hold the gains

The Juran Trilogy Diagram

Source: Juran Quality Control Handbook, Fifth Edition, 1999

“Fitness for Use”
Quality begins...
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