Theory Matrix

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  • Published: October 8, 2012
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MGT420 Individual Theory Matrix

| |Major Concepts |Process of Theory Proposed |Process-Driven Quality |Customer-Driven Quality |Company Example That Has Applied | |Theorist: | | |Requirements |Requirements |This Theory | |Juran |Promotes the view that |Represented by three basic |Quality does not happen as an |Organizations need to determine |The American Society of Quality | | |organizational quality problems |processes that are essential for |accident. It is the result of |who the customers are, both | | | |are essentially the result of |managing to improve quality. This|proper planning. By setting clear|internally and externally. Plans | | | |insufficient and ineffective |is referred to as the Juran |and specific goals for quality |will be made for quality through | | | |planning for quality. Juran |Trilogy. The three aspects of the|and establishing plans to meet |every step of the process. | | | |believed that companies need to |theory are planning, control, and|those goals, management is | | | | |revise strategic planning |improvement. |sending a clear message regarding| | | | |processes and achieve mastery | |what needs to be done. | |...
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