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Advantages of Agile SCRUM
* Agile scrum helps the company in saving time and money. * Scrum methodology enables project’s where the business requirements documentation is hard to quantify to be successfully developed. * Fast moving, cutting edge developments can be quickly coded and tested using this method, as a mistake can be easily rectified. * It is a lightly controlled method which insists on frequent updating of the progress in work through regular meetings. Thus there is clear visibility of the project development. * Like any other agile methodology, this is also iterative in nature. It requires continuous feedback from the user. * Due to short sprints and constant feedback, it becomes easier to cope with the changes. * Daily meetings make it possible to measure individual productivity. This leads to the improvement in the productivity of each of the team members. * Issues are identified well in advance through the daily meetings and hence can be resolved in speedily * It is easier to deliver a quality product in a scheduled time. * Agile Scrum can work with any technology/ programming language but is particularly useful for fast moving web 2.0 or new media projects. * The overhead cost in terms of process and management is minimal thus leading to a quicker, cheaper result.

Scrum is one of the best agile project management framework with broad applicability for managing and controlling iterative and incremental projects of all types.. created for more complicated project with rapidly changing environmental factors and requirements In Scrum, the "Product Owner" works closely with the team to identify and prioritize system functionality in form of a "Product Backlog". The Product Backlog consists of features, bug fixes, non-functional requirements, etc. - whatever needs to be done in order to successfully deliver a working software system. With priorities driven by the Product Owner, cross-functional...
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