Huffman Trucking Benefits

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Huffman Benefits IT Plan
CGMT – 410
Shaun vanBergen
University of Phoenix
February 20, 2012


Task Flow Network and Critical Path

Project Schedule

Project Reporting
Communication is the key factor in determining if any project is a success or not. In order for the communication to be as effective as possible there are certain chains that it must follow so that the proper information gets to the right people. Listed below is the way that all information will flow for the remainder of this project; * The project manager is the only one that can change the parameters of the project. * Project manager will have weekly meetings with the management personnel (stake holders) that are directly involved with the project. * Project manager and task (team) leader(s) will have bi-weekly meetings to update the progress of the tasks. * Task (team) leader(s) will have daily meetings with all the personnel involved with the task. * Any issues (that are not critical) will be reported to the task (team) leader(s) and the project manager via a memo. * Issues that have no solution presented should be brought up to the task (team) leader for possible solutions. If there is still no solution presented then the project manager should be informed of the issue.

Critical Path Method
The Critical Path Method will indicate the longest path of planned to the end of the project. It is a very good tool to use because it will give the Project Manager a good idea of what tasks that must be completed on time in order for the project to continue smoothly. This method is commonly used in the development of new software.
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