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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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* NRS 430V CLC Group Project Agreement
Grading Criteria
CLC Course Information
Course Name/Section Number:| Professional Dynamics/0104|
Instructor’s Name:| Leigh Ann Tovar|
Start Date of the Course:| 11-28-2011|

CLC Member Contact Information
(Who is in our group?)

CLC Member Name| Primary E-mail Address| Secondary E-mail Address| Other Contact Information| Ginger Caudill| | | |
Eva Francis| | | |
Michelle Kellar| | | |
Christine Kline||| 215-771-7996|

CLC Group Values
(What do we need to do to ensure our team’s success?)

What Each Team Member Agrees to Do| Why This Is Important to the Team
Check into the CLC regularly to review progress on the assignment.| Allows each team member opportunity to have input on all areas of assignment progression and participation.| Contribute ideas and feedback to the group from initial discussions throughout project completion.| Allows each team member to ensure the group project is of highest quality and absolute success.| Communicate with all CLC members as soon as a problem or issue arises.| Allows all team members to solve any issues or problems in a timely manner, as a team.| Maintain respectful communications with all team members.| Allows all team members the professionalism and dignity that we give as nurses and expect from nurses.| Complete assigned tasks by the deadlines set by the team members.| Allows time for final drafts and approval of all team members invested in the project within a timely manner.| Take a leadership role in CLC assignments.| Allows all team members to be great leaders of a team, as a team, and for the team. Ensure responsibility.| Make sure to cite and reference all sources of information used in completing tasks. | Allows for no question of plagiarism of our team members and shows a competent display of scholarly research.| Other:| |

Other:| |

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