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  • Published: January 6, 2014
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Jonathan Ross and Lady Gaga

Transcript of chat show interview on Jonathan Ross Live with Lady Gaga following a performance by Lady Gaga of her song Brown Eyes

JR = Jonathan Ross LG =Lady Gaga
[ ] : extra information
// : overlapping speech
(.) : Micro pause
(1) : pause with number of seconds indicated
Emboldened words emphasise word

[Lady Gaga walks onto stage and is greeted by Jonathan Ross who leads her round to the sofa]

JR: hi there it’s Lady Gaga [audience cheering and clapping] mistress of the quick change (.) wow mind that step (1) that was fantastic (1) it’s Lady Gaga (.) doesn’t she look (.) spectacular (3) wow you’ve got to love Gaga (.) you really do push the boat out congratulations on this [inaudible] tonight that actually isn’t a working telephone up there though is it

LG [lifts hand piece from “telephone” hat and talks into it] hello [JR laughs] hi Jonathan [laughs] how are you

JR: I’m very well (.) you don’t have to use the phone it’s OK (1) come on you cheeky minx look what we got you

LG: thank you [turns to audience]
// it’s so sweet isn’t it in my dressing room isn’t that nice JR: we got you a new teacup to replace the old one isn’t that // nice of us ladies and gentlemen to replace the one that was stolen by me when she came on last time [LG laughs] um er look, what a great what an incredible year it’s been for you because when you were on last time I think people (.) were coming to terms with who you are they were beginning to enjoy your music but you were sort of seen as a bit of an oddity (2) would that be fair do you think (.) background

LG: I guess so //yeah//

JR: //OK // and now I think they maybe came to wonder what all the fuss was all about and now they love what you do

LG: oh thank you thank you so much

JR: It must be very satisfying for you

LG: hmm well I really love my fans (.)[cheering from audience] I really love my fans I...
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