Trascription Lady Gaga and Jonathan Ross

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  • Published : October 28, 2013
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The uses of spoken language vary in different contexts. We have come to rely on chat shows for new personal information about our favourite celebrities. These exclusive interviews are the only way the public can get a look into the ‘behind the scenes’ of celebrity life. Alan Carr, Graham Norton and Big Brother are all recent and well known examples of chat shows. Normally chat shows have very colloquial settings to try and make the superstar feel more at ease. These stings are utilised by celebrities to enhance their more down to earth persona to the public. Whilst appearing on a chat show celebrities not only satisfy their current fan-base they also gain more through advertising and disclosing the ‘human’ side of them o try and give hope that anyone can become a celebrity. In this interview, 52 year old Jonathan Ross is the chat host. He uses un-scripted interview techniques to try and unveil secrets from the celebrity on his show; in this case it is Lady Gaga. She was born in New York 26 years ago and possesses a regular New York accent. Whereas, British hot Jonathan Ross has an estuary English accent. I am going to focus on a transcript taken from “Jonathan Ross live with Lady Gaga” the aim of this is to analyse the language of a chat show in more detail. When introducing Lady Gaga, Jonathan Ross starts with an informal but qualified ‘hi’ this colloquial beginning sets the mood or the rest of the interview; a relaxed conversational atmosphere where they can talk at ease as if they are good friends. Jonathan Ross also uses the contraction ‘it’s’ when introducing Gaga. Contractions are usually and most frequently used in informal situations, in this case this contraction is the shorted form of ‘it is’ a much more formal alternative. Chat shows hold their popularity because they are uncomplicated in their delivery and classifies as light entertainment. If formal grammar and language were to be used, the element of entertainment and purpose of would be lost....
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