Johnlewis.Com Christmas Advert Analysis

Topics: Advertising, Gift, Christmas tree Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Advert analysis

This one minute long advertisement focuses on people who are trying to find ideal gifts for the people they love and care about. John Lewis Christmas advert 2OO9 was focused on the joy of receiving gifts through the eyes of children, so this year they decided to try the opposite idea. Idea of this advert is to show the viewer how nice it is to give perfect gifts to the ones you care about, because the feeling you get when you give a gift to someone (and they like it) is just as great as when you receive a present.

Genre: Love to the ones you care about. Romance – Possibly. That is used to show the audience that they can show their love to the ones they care about by buying them a nice Christmas present from John Lewis shop.

Target audience: Both males and females. A, B, C1, C2, D.
I think that in that advert John Lewis is trying to cover A to E target audience because in the middle of the advert there is a young man who is obviously a student and was studying in a library and wrapping a gift for his girlfriend after.

Structures: Realist. Advertising producers show that those are real people buying perfect gifts for the people they love for Christmas. Nothing more. There is nothing surrealist about that advert, because there shouldn’t be. The advert also highlights the Christmas theme, as you can see many different people go to keep gifts a secret and by showing this they are bringing to life Christmas rituals. Advert is targeted at grown-ups because they are the ones who will spend their money in John Lewis shop or on internet.

Techniques: Brand Awareness and Simple Solution.
Used because John Lewis is a recognisable brand and people know that this shop exists. But they have to remind the viewers that they are still out there. And simple solution is used because advertising producers know how much of a hard work it is to find that perfect gift for your loved ones, and of course John Lewis is there...
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