Go Compare Advert Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Sense, Perception Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Report on ‘‘Go Compare’’ Advert

The advert that I have looked at is the comparison advert, which helps people compare prices on a wide variety of things and help them find prices most suitable to them, this includes; find their most suitable or cheapest car insurance; cheapest Gadgets, home insurance and many more comparison options. ’’ Go Compare’’. This advert in particular is one of the most memorable and catchiest commercials on UK television. When watching television and it comes on, I find myself staring at the TV as it catches my attention straight away which is one of the reasons I have decided to write about this advert.

On the other hand, this advert can also be seen as annoying as it is shown frequently and is very noisy. The key message that the advertiser wishes to communicate in this advert is that; ‘’Go compare’’ is the best site to go on to find the best and cheapest deals, additionally I believe that he is saying that the this website should be used for everything that you need, anything that you need to buy; ‘’Go compare’’ The advertiser makes that evident by not just making the advert extremely vocal and but also visual. The report will explain this further. Furthermore, this report will look at which relevant aesthetics are used by the advertiser to catches viewers’ attention.

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There are now at least over 10 different Go compare adverts and each of them there is a different setting, with the same message which is to ‘’Go compare’’. All of these adverts have the same main character; the Big Guy dressed in suit and has a distinctive moustache. The ‘’Go compare advert also has very memorable theme song. The theme song is mainly vocal and quite loud. The phrase ‘’Go compare can be heard throughout the commercial which adds to making it a very memorable one. The specific ‘’Go compare’’ advert that we looked at as a group is the one with the setting on the beach where the big moustache Guy comes running out of...
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