Job Satisfaction

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In Hong Kong, having a job that employees are absolutely satisfied is only a pure dream. But it could found a method in order to increase the satisfaction and having heart on the job. Actually, there is someone who wants to doing the clerical works in the office, or solving the questions for the customers, promoting their products by phone. We can find the unpredicted place and work it with satisfaction.

Job satisfaction represented a collection of attitudes that workers have about their jobs. There is number of issues that affecting the Job satisfaction such as salaries, benefits, allowance, pension fund, working hours and how they respects on their jobs. Human resource department of the companies are all facing the problems of job satisfaction every day.

Job satisfaction is in our behaviour, attitudes and what we expected to get. Performance of job duties is because of how we satisfy the job. It is importance to know the employees’ job satisfaction. It can avoid brain-drain staffs and the strike of employees. The definition of job satisfaction has apparently developed by the work affective response. Wexley and Yukl (1984) stated that “job satisfaction is influenced by many factors, including personal traits and characteristics of the job.”

In this essay, for better analysis the Job satisfactions of an organization, we would use the case study of my own which is related to the staff works in a local bank. In between case studies, we could go through the big-five theories and concepts of job satisfaction (Discrepancy, Fairness, Disposition, Emotional and Mood) and understand more about the organizational behavior. With my true experiences, I am currently working in the credit risk department at a commercial bank. There are many numerable works for analyzing the financial statements and bank statement which submitted by the loan officer. We would judge the customers whether we would approve the loan to them or not.

II.Analyze the OB theories and concepts
According to the Discrepancy theory, the key theory of job satisfaction means the discrepancy between the real job outcomes they need and the outcomes that the people that assume to be obtained. The job in the credit department was doing some calculation and analyses works for the customers. The strongest subject in the Secondary school is Mathematics which I enjoy having plenty of calculation works. I had been worked in accounting firm which I used to be handled numbers of historical figures and dates for clients. Thus, my current duties are more or less matched with major responsibility of the post. I feel very comfortable to handle these numerable works and have confident to handle the job duties which current faced.

According to the Fairness theory, the key theory of job satisfaction means the effort that put in the job and the rewards that received should be the same as others in the same company. I am quite unsatisfied with this fairness issues. The serous overtime work make me tired but my colleagues always leave on time in the same department. During working hours, they are joking around and play with their smart phones which do not concentrate at work. However, as I recognized that we don’t have much different in the salary which I totally feel disappointed. Moreover, the employees in this company are not satisfied with their salaries increment during the year ended adjustment which could not meet the inflation rate each year which mismatch with other banks.

According to the equity theory, the efforts put on the job is not matched with the outcomes with I deserved. In the company, everyone could get the promotion after two or three years services and it is not depends on the working performance of the individuals. The aforesaid arrangement may be good at stability on their organization structure but there may also lead the indolent on the staff. The motivation of work was being low due to the dissatisfactory of fairness....
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