Business Decision Making

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1.0. Introduction
The organization is a system where many processes are involved. There are various types of resources such as physical, human and financial. Among them human resources are in much importance due to some reasons. Humans can make own decisions and they are hard to be satisfied. Unlike machines they have many differences among each others. The skills are diverse from human to human. The employees come under human resources. They are a kind of internal stakeholders who give a great contribution in achieving company goals and objectives. It’s the responsibility of the human resource manager to manipulate the employees and assist them to get the efficient service out of them. It is true that employees majorly look for good salaries and the continuous increments of the salary from the organization. But apart from that they expect a satisfactory working environment. There arises the importance of the job satisfaction of the employees. An employee needs to be satisfied with his job in order to give the best outcome of his duty. Job satisfaction is an employee's attitudinal reaction to his or her organization. As an attitude, job satisfaction is comprised of cognitive, affective, behavioral components. As with all attitudes, the relationship between satisfaction and behavior, most particularly job performance and membership, is complex. This survey is carried out to evaluate the job satisfaction of the employees in Ceylon biscuit limited. The intention of this survey is to offer the information needed to improve levels of productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty and as well as to identify the current issues that the employees would reveal related to the organization. Ceylon biscuit limited situated in ranala is a company producing cakes biscuits, chocolates and some candy products. The company comprises nearly 1000 employees who are working under separated departments.

2.0. Survey for employee satisfaction
A survey is always a scientific and systematic method of collecting data from a population. Therefore survey should be proceeding according to a predetermined plan.

Figure 1: PDCA Cycle According to this PDCA cycle all the activities in the survey should be arranged. Develop a list of survey objectives
Develop a projected budget for all of the survey costs
Select members for a Survey Project Team
Deciding the population
Decide upon the survey sampling techniques
Selecting the sample
Preparing the questionnaire
Pilot test
Getting the information
Analyzing the collected data
Presenting the results to the management

3.0. The goal of the survey
Before conducting the survey there should be a clear goal. Otherwise the outcome of the survey might not be that fruitful. During the goal determination there should be clear idea about why, to whom the survey is done and issues that may arise during the survey. * To find out whether the employees are satisfied or not

* To evaluate their degree of satisfaction
* To analyze the suitability of the working environment to the employees * To identify the factors need to be improved to enhance employee satisfaction

4.0. Collection of data
For any kind of survey the most important is data. Without data there would not be a study. Data can be collected by various sources. Company details

Analyzing and interpretation
Data collection
Employee details


Figure 2: handling data

They can be
* External or internal or
* Primary or secondary
* Quantitative or Qualitative

Primary data collection
* Personal investigations
* Observation
* Information from correspondents
* From the management of the organization
* questionnaires
Secondary data
* published sources such as journals, government reports newspapers *...
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