Job Analysis Case Study

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Controversies Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Job Title:
Customer Service Agent

Job Summary:
A Customer Service Agent deals with customers mainly by email, but occasionally by telephone to handle customer inquires and complaints. The customer service agent obtains all pertinent information from the customer and acts a mediary on behalf of, between the sellers and the buyers to settle all disputes, inquiries and complaints.

The Customer Service Agent will have and maintain working relationships with other Customer Service Agents on different shift schedules, as well as agents off sight in the Salt Lake City customer service location. This job has only self-supervisory responsibilities.

Education: High school graduate or GED equivalent. Prior experience in the customer service field preferred, but not required.

Those persons seeking the position of Customer Service Agent should have a good grasp of the following skill set:

-Strong customer service orientation.
- Communication skills, verbal and written.
-Problem identification and effective problem solving techniques. -Accuracy and detail orientated.
-Willing to take initiative.
-Basic knowledge of computer programs and operating systems such as email and word processing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Must be motivated and be able to work with limited supervision. -Must have excellent computer skills.
-The Customer Service Agent must be able to handle and prioritize assigned tasks. -Respond to situations that arise between buyers and sellers, such as miscommunication between the parties involved in the transaction. -Provide phone and web based assistance by answering questions and resolving occasional disputes as needed. -Investigate allegations of fraud that are attempted to be conducted by sellers on the auction sight. -The Customer Service Agent must be able to work in a team environment.

The first question posed is does the diary information...
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