Chern Case Study

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Job Requirements Matrix

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Job Duty| Tasks| Relative Importance of Job Duty (%)| Relative Time Spent (%)| Competency or KSAO| Importance of KSAO (1 = low, 10 = high)| Customer Service and Collaboration| Cordial to customersSynergize with other employees while maintaining independence of reasoning| 20%11%| 27%13%| Ability to communicate effectively with customers through written and spoken wordsActive listening and persuasive nature| 1010| Product and Service Awareness| Mitigate guidance and directions to ensure customer satisfactionProvide extended assistance and special services| 29%20%| 27%21%| Monitoring and deductive reasoningRetentive memory and ability to apply information and data effectively to attain any goal| 99.3| Business knowledge and enterprising| Record every transactionReview and prepare transaction documents including invoices| 3%7%| 12%| Knowledge of Business, Math, StatisticsKnowledge of transaction software and hardware| 88|

The requirement is that each sales associate must have a minimum of a High School Diploma and a minimum of a year’s experience in the retail industry OR a college degree and In order to ensure that each sales associate is in synergy with Chern’s corporate goals, every sales associate will be hired and trained properly Job Rewards Matrix

Reward| Amount| Differential| Stability| Appeal|
Highly competitive base salary| $25,212 per year for full times or $12.10 per hour for part-time employees| ~ $11,616 to $17,424 per year for part time $25,212 for fulltime| Based on a combination of job performance and company performance| Everybody| Performance based pay| Up to 150% of base pay in bonuses| None| Based largely on company and personnel performance| Everybody but appeals directly to individuals that are hard working and goal oriented| Benefits| Two weeks paid vacationHealth and dental benefitsUp to 10 personal days available 401 (k)$1,000 referral bonus...
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