Comcast - Improving the Point-of-Sales System

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Sales process engineering Pages: 14 (4990 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Executive Summary

Customers need to know that they are receiving the best deals possible regardless of how they are signing up for their services. Comcast has different avenues of sales to meet customer’s individual needs, but the inconsistency in their point-of-sales system has lead to become a problem for quite a few years now. This report was written at the request of Neil Smit, Chief Executive Officer, to explore options for Comcast, which has been experienced a decrease in video subscribers. The main purpose of my investigation was to implement one point-of-sales system to assure that all customers are equally receiving the best possible deals and packages, while continuing to increase video subscribers and its revenue.

The information presented in this report includes:

Comcast - Basic History, Video Revenues Then and Now
Comcast is a leading provider of video, high-speed Internet, and phone services, even ahead of satellite-based leader DIRECTV. In 2009, they provided services to approximately 23.6 million video subscribers, 15.9 million high-speed Internet customers, and 7.6 million phone customers ( Despite its gradual decrease in video subscribers, Comcast’s residential video sales in 2011 was $19,625 million, which was an increase of 1.3% from 2010 ( This leads me to believe that despite the slow decrease in subscribers, Comcast is still able to offer great deals and packages to customers. What needs to be assured is that all customers are equally receiving the best possible deals and packages available.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives
To ensure a customer service representative is knowledgeable, a company typically has some form of a training period that’s normally completed shortly after hiring a new employee. Training specialists cover all of the company’s policies and procedures for handling customer inquiries and begin to introduce the new representative to the daily work life in a customer service call center. When knowledge and professionalism meet within the customer service representative, the potential for great customer interactions occurs and the representative becomes a valuable help to both the customer and the company. However, if a customer calls with a concern and the representative lacks the knowledge concerning the customer’s issue and procedures in place to correct the issue or doesn’t tactfully deliver the solution, then the relationship between the company and the customer is in jeopardy.

Better Customer Satisfaction and Experience
Having uneducated employees is an issue that the customer service representatives have to deal with and it’s what presents the company with bad customer service reviews. When I asked Tina, a customer service representative from Comcast what she thought could make her job easier, she answered:

“Not everyone that works in customer service is fully knowledgeable in what sales packages are offered to customers, but the problem stems from the frequency in changes, the avenues in which they are all offered, and the inability to access all service packages. If we somehow had access to all deals being offered, it would make our jobs much easier, and overall would improve the ability to assist our customers in a timely manner. We have been asking for changes to be made for years, but we are still waiting for a better system to be put in place” (Interview).

Many will vouch for the fact that dealing with customers is not a cakewalk. A business that doesn't care for its customers can't be expected to rake in the profits because in today's world, a disappointed customer has the option to simply walk away, and never come back. There’s no real secret to getting your customers to come back. All you need to do is provide customer service that exceeds your customers' expectations and out shines your competitors' customer service.

Inconsistency of Point-Of-Sales
Comcast markets their cable services through...
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