Btec Business L3 Unit 2 P2/M2

Topics: Employment, Communication, Customer service Pages: 5 (1456 words) Published: December 9, 2012

I have been asked to describe the main employability and personal and communication skills required when applying for a job as customer service assistant at JD sports (P2).After that I will assess the importance of employability , and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in JD’s(M2).

The role of customer service assistant:

Customer service assistant is working directly with a company's customers, answering questions, providing information, performing research and handling complaints. Because they are often a company's main source of continual customer contact, it's important that they have a high level of specific skills.

* Skills are the ability to do things as from driving a car to dancing and include things like reading, writing, speaking a foreign language, explaining things to people and so on.

Skills needed to work as customer service assistant are:
1. Availability
2. Helpfulness
3. Friendliness
4. Enthusiasm
5. Knowledge ability
6. Honesty
7. Patience
8. Communication skills
9. Professionalism

* Most important Skills required when you apply for a customer service assistant at JD Sports:

Communication| Customer service representatives often handle client concerns by phone. Because they are unable to see the customer face to face, it's important they be skilled communicators. Customer service representatives must be good listeners and clear when they are speaking with the customer, and able to write clear emails and letters.| Problem Solving| Often, customer service representatives must diagnose problems, overcome objections or answer complicated questions. This makes it very important to be skilled in quick, logical problem solving.| Computer Skills| The most of customer service use computers to save client or company information. As such, they must be comfortable using computers and able to learn and use different types of software such as databases, word processing and the Internet.| People Skills| Customers are often upset when they contact customer service. This makes it very important that customer service assistant is able to remain calm, courteous and respectful at all times.| Grammar and Spelling| Customer service assistant should speak proper English and be able to avoid slang. When writing emails or letters, they must practice good grammar and spelling.| Multi-tasking| A good customer service assistant will be able to listen to the customer and start putting the necessary processes in place to meet their needs at the same time. Also, as customer service assistant you usually will need to deal with more than one aspect of the business, and you will need to be able to operate a number of systems at once. So that’s mean you will need to solve more than one problem at the same time and very quick.| * Importance of employability

Employability means the ability of someone to grow in career and the move on to a higher stage in their working life. Employability is improved by strong personal and communications skills which will impress a potential employer.

There are many skills and qualifications needed when applying for a job. Employers will tend to look for how presentable the employee (well dressed) if they can communicate clearly and if they are able to get on well with existing employees.

When you applying for a job you will have specific skills needed for that position. Also they will look at your suitable qualification e.g. Business Administration, and experience in a similar role but this skill is not essential for all the employees.

* Importance of personal skills

Personal skills play a very important role in the success of business and personae that have them. Is it very important to have as more skills as you can improve because they will help everyone to succeed in life. Also employee will look at your skills and will decide if his/her skills are good for customer service assistant role at...
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