Jcpenney Analysis Report

Topics: Twitter, J. C. Penney Historic District, Rite Aid Pages: 23 (5037 words) Published: July 14, 2012
Executive Summary
Client: JCPenney Target audience: Females age 25-34 Challenge: Develop a $100 million proposal for a national, fullyintegrated marketing campaign to run February 2012 to February 2013, designed to increase market share among females 25-34 years old.

With this campaign PARA will not only increase shopping frequency and grow share of wallet among current female customers ages 25-34, but will compel women to choose JCPenney for every first impression. Through PARA’s research, critical analysis and understanding of the company, market, target audience and media, PARA has created a fully-integrated marketing campaign that will guarantee new female JCPenney shoppers age 25-34 as well as re-create loyalty among female shoppers 24-35. PARA exhausted all of the resources available to discover such reasoning’s of why women shop, what they are looking for, who they are, where they are in the market place and social media and what will drive them to JCPenney. The creative attempts were developed from thorough research and understanding of the ever changing, fast-paced, mobile lives of these women and will appeal to the target audience.

Table of Contents
6 The SWOT Analysis 8 The Problem
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats of JCPenney

6 Strengths & Weaknesses 7 Opportunities & Threats
The problem PARA will be solving with this Advertising Campaign

9 The Primary Research 10 The Target Market 12 The Strategy

Summary & Graphical depiction of the findings of our primary research

Explanation of who JCPenney’s Target Market really is and some personalities representing that market

The plan that Para has to address JCPenney’s Problem

13 The Store Remodel 14 The Partnership

Depiction of a more fluid and customer friendly store layout and design

The Execution of the research gathered throughout the course of the campaign planning

15 The Creative Elements
15 16 17 18 20 21 22 The Floor Graphic TV Commercial Meet Penney Penney’s Picks Penney Mobile App Social Media Penney Kiosk

The Execution of the research gathered throughout the course of the campaign planning

24 Media Planning

How we plan to put these creative elements in place to be the most effective

25 Media Planning Description

26 The Bibliography

The places that we got the secondary research that was used to support our campaign

Strong established store network with currently

Characteristics of JCPenney that gives it an advantage over its major competitors in its market stores among the United States and Puerto Rico

Primarily in malls and large traffic shopping areas, these storefronts have been able to attract a large customer base. Customers are very aware of the company Competitive advantage as a company: in-house design and sourcing teams, 4 state-of-the-art distribution centers supporting, improving digital platform to meet changing customer needs, first-rate planning and allocation systems, & financial flexibility.


JCPenney services a total of


million customers each year

A variety of consumer goods including apparel, accessories and home fashions are offered Lower price point, quality products Brands are also exclusive to JCPenney stores such as Sephora, ALLEN B., Bisou Bisou, Liz Claiborne, Cindy Crawford, Mango and entertainment sponsorship with Rascal Flatts

Characteristics of JCPenney that may give it a slight disadvantage over its major competitors in its market JCPenney Revenue (2005 - 2010) 2000 1876 1792 1500 1444


The United States economic downturn of


greatly affected the financial performance of JCPenney


1135 1002

Drastically reduced staffing and in an attempt to still provide service to customers, the company has had to greatly increase the amount of products and displays on its sales floor. 663


Cluttered layout of store is not very user friendly Recent poor investments and...
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