Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens

Topics: Adolescence, Preadolescence, Sears Holdings Corporation Pages: 5 (1651 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Assignment 4
"Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens"
Ronitha Burns

Consumer Behaviors
Dr. Thomas Mutula
November 4, 2012

This paper is a breif synopsis of how Sears can better market to capture the teen audience. With Forever 21, Gap, Aeropostale, etc. stores being the most popular stores among this age group, The researchers gives a brief marketing strategy to increase the teen market by engaging with what they are engaged.

Determine the image that Sears is attempting to create with its “Don’t Just Go Back. Arrive,” Arrive Lounge, and other partnerships with social network sites
Dont Just Go Back Arrive, is a slogan Sears use to create an atmosphere where customers can feel like they are in a fantasy world, or feel like they are in their homes. For instance, what makes a great visit is when one could go to someones house and feel like they are in their homes. To further explain, I like to go to a friends house because they offer a variety of things that would make my visit great. I would like to go to different sections of the home and expect to see everything that I usually would want or have at my home. Therefore, Sears wants to offer the experience if you go to a different section that offers a variety of things that I would need. Meanwhile, the slogan Dont Just Go, Arrive means you would have a great shopping experience at all cost. In the meantime, Sears is a mall store that trying to capture the youthful, teen audience. If you want to communicate with teens and their pre-pubescent counterparts, otherwise known as tweens, you need an expert and that doesn't mean a parent. In order to connect with teens and tweens on their level, you need to play where they play. Teen and tween virtual worlds and the people who create, monitor and brand on them offer a direct, immersive channel for communicating with this unpredictable demographic. With 1.6 million apparel items brought on Zwinky and a million instances of Sears’s clothes being tried on and saved on Meez, the brand engagement exceeded expectations, says Dave Bazant, Sears' advertising manager for online and emerging media. Engaging with teens is the operative measure to gain them as possible customers. To build up its back-to-school campaign, Sears did just that on the teen and tween site Zwinky. In its Arrive Lounge on Zwinky, a Sears-created video featuring High School Musical 3 star Vanessa Hudgens played in the background. Users could also watch a Sears-sponsored fashion show or visit its boutique to try on the clothes. (Schwirtz, 2010).

Discuss clothes shopping from a family decision-making standpoint, including parent-child dynamics and determine the dynamic that Sears is attempting to influence by using social network sites.
I believe most parents can agree, that shopping for their teens can be extremely challenging. Especially in a world where trends are changing not only in the media, but also in schools as well. The relationship between mothers and teenage daughters is often very difficult and you can only do the best that you can do. Teens naturally rebel, think they know better , and want to become independent. Parent's worries increase at the same rate their teen's clothing decreases. Telling our teenager not to wear a particular outfit, not to dress so revealing, or to cover up will most likely be responded with: It's the hottest thing now or That's what today's teens wear!"; making us feel old and out of the loop. The biggest problem parents have with buying clothes for tweens is that they don't cover much, most of all, Jars clothing are quite immodest. To make the clothes work, look for extra long tees and leggings to wear under your other store bought clothing. Sears goal in providing these social network sites for teens and tweens is to provide a place where they can go to find clothing that portray a possible image but at the same time...
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