James W. Caruso Has Ommunication Problems

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  • Published : June 17, 2008
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1. A lot of bosses are accused of being “poor communicators.” Why do you think this is? Many bosses are accused of being “poor communicators” because they are not effective in getting their message across clearly to their employees. As stated in the case study, Mr. Caruso does not reinforce the good behavior that his employees display. He does not set a good example of what is expected since he doe not meet deadlines, does not communicate well with clients, does not listen to his employees, uses a condescending tone and criticizes his employees. These send confusing messages to his employees, which leaves them frustrated, unmotivated and unsatisfied with their jobs. Many bosses are either unwilling to learn what it takes to get their message across in a way that is beneficial to the employee as well as themselves. In addition, many bosses do not take into consideration that their employees react differently in similar situations. This leads bosses to treat all employees the same and that does not help when better communication is the answer. 2. What does this case suggest regarding the relationship between reinforcement theory and communication? This case suggests that there is a strong relationship between reinforcement theory and communication. Communication controls behavior, stimulates motivations, provides information, and is a means to release emotions. Reinforcement theory is a central part of those four functions. In order to accomplish each function, communication and reinforcement theory work hand in hand to provide an avenue to send messages and to receive feedback from employees. Sending the correct messages and receiving feedback not only strengthens the relationship between the boss and employee, it also strengthens the lines of communication. Since Mr. Caruso does not communicate well, he is unable to motivate his employees through the use of reinforcement theory. Reinforcement theory establishes that employees have higher job satisfaction...
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