Superhero in the Cubicle

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  • Published : August 10, 2012
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* What technological advancements in communication were discussed in the article?
There were a few that really had my attention. There was one an interactive spreadsheet from It is software used as a service provider that offers an enterprise-ready cloud app for project management and collaboration. Customers can access their accounts online via or through integrations with leading web services. Smartsheet's intuitive spreadsheet-like app is used broadly to track and manage diverse types of work including: team projects and task lists, customer information, sales pipelines, event schedules, and business processes. Mashup Server is a hub for integrating your enterprise with the rich information available on the Web. Provides support for both recurring and longer-running tasks and service lifecycles. Allows monitoring, configuration of security and quality of service settings such as throttling among others.

* Choose two communication types; compare and contrast them. How could these be used in your workplace?

$25.00 monthly or $149.00 monthly for a 1000 spreadsheets.

Mashup Server
$50,000.00 starting price

Both of these items can currently be something that can be implemented in any place of business small or large. My place of business is already using similar software that gives us the ability to track our business. Also we have a way to communicate with our businesses within our organization.

* Do these technological advancements in communication follow what is traditionally considered business communication? Why? Yes, these technological advances are used in business communications. These type of software and servers can help monitor the productivity of that company progress. They also allow you to communicatelocal as well as internationally.

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