Islam and Footwear International

Topics: Islam, Muslim, Political party Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Report for Case Three Footwear International
Footwear International is a large-scale multinational corporation with tremendous influences, as it has more than eighty-three companies which includes many production facilities and retail stores around seventy countries in the world.

In 1947 the government transitioned from British ruled to that of a providence of Pakistan, which became known as East Pakistan. Although they had independence, they always felt disconnect and that they were underrepresented in the government. In the early 1970’s, they gained their independence with the help of India and became known as the country of Bangladesh. The country became more stable since ruled by President General H. M. Ershad in 1983. In Bangladesh, more than 60% GDP was created by agriculture sector but it has to suffer great financial losses by annual nature disasters. Official religion is Islam due to 85% of population are Muslims and official language is Bengali.

Footwear Bangladesh, a constituent company of Footwear International in Bangladesh, first became active in local area in the 1930s. In 1962, the construction of a footwear manufacturing facility at Tongi(an industrial town located thirty kilometers north of Bangladeshi capital) was took placed by the first major investment. Then, Footwear Bangladesh grew to the largest private-sector foreign investment in the country with 1,800 employees, eighty-one stores, fifty-four agencies and $30 million revenues. It is also relevant with people’s daily lives that a pair of shoes would be consumed by local person in two years at least.

The description of sandal incident
On Thursday, June 22, 1989, an article which points out Footwear Bangladesh whose design used on the insole of sandals is a sign of great disrespect to Muslims was shown on a fundamental newspaper with close tie to an opposition political party. The design is a image of Chinese temple bells that was misunderstand as the Arabic spelling...
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