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Alternative strategies
Collect back the entire sandal
John Carlson can recall the entire sandal that offence the Bangladesh citizen. This action should be done as soon as possible because it will affect the reputation of the company. The damage to the company may be reducing to the lowest by taking this strategy. The company may not be charge under a section of the criminal code that forbade “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage feeling of any class by insulting its religion or religious believer” if the collect all the sandal back. Held a press conference to clarify that the sandal’s design is not to violate Allah and apologize to the public John Carlson should come out to clarify the design of the sandal is not the Arabic spelling of Allah but the design is based on a set of Chinese temple bells. John Carlson should note that the designer of the sandal was a devout Bengali Moslem and she doesn’t know how to speak and read in Arabic. So, the motive of the designer is not to offence the religion. Compensation to the public and discontinued the line

The company should pay back money to the public who already purchase the sandal to their apology in this case. Besides that, the company should stop their production of the sandal in Bangladesh.

Alternative StrategiesPositive OutcomesNegative Outcomes
Collect back the entire sandal1.By this action, reputation of the company can be safe. 2.Will not be sued by the public.1.The company will lose a lot of the production cost 2.Could not recall all the sandal in short term

Held a press conference to clarify that the sandal’s design is not to violate Allah and apologize to the public1.Can explain to the public that the design is not a logo to offence their religion 2.Prevent being sue by the government.1.

Compensation to the public and discontinued the line1.To show the company is very concern about this incident 2.Reduce the damage of the company reputation.1.Cost a lot in...
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