Strategies Behind Geox Becoming one of the World's Largest Brown Shoe Manufatcturers

Topics: Marketing, Supply chain management, Shoe Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Generic Competitive Strategies:
Just like any other organization, Geox seeks to maximize its revenues and to be competitive among its rivals in the market. Geox, the Italian manufacturer that, in less than a decade, has grown to be one of the world largest brown shoe manufacturers, outperforming the industry in terms of market and financial results. It has defined a new strategic position in the footwear industry by creating a somewhat uncontested market space where competition is less relevant by changing the traditional market segmentation rules, involving a unique of activities, removed from the stereotype of the Italian “fashion” footwear manufacturer, but also significantly different from other US and European competitors; and has broken the value/cost trade-off, succeeding in the feat, impossible for most other competitors, of serving successfully a large, diverse customer base with a wide variety of product lines and styles. Geox’s configuration of activities builds on patented product innovation and makes the most out of leveraging on complementary choices as regards marketing and communication, production and supply chain management, and distribution and retail.

Differentiating for Competitive Advantage
Geox group’s success is due to its distinctive elements that makes it stand out in the Italian and international footwear industry scenario: • Constant focus on the product
• “Across-Market” positioning of its products
• Strong awareness of the Geox brand
• Increasing presence in international markets
• Network of single-brand Geox Shops
• Flexibility of delocalized business model and mainly in outsourcing, • Track record of net sales growth

Geox was able to achieve competitive advantage since it had some type of edge over rivals in attracting buyers and coping with competitive forces. Geox’s routes to competitive advantage involved giving buyers what they perceive as superior value compared to the offerings of rival sellers. Superior value...
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