Is the Rookie Ready?

Topics: Management, Confidence interval, Team Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Is The Rookie Ready?

Extraordinary teamwork and strict management are a must for providing IT support for software/hardware solutions to clients. Driscoll is in the same position where it shows weak management skills and inefficiency in their ability to complete tasks. Accomplishing a specific task in a timely and a professional manner requires significant amount of effort from the entire team. Driscoll System workers are working individually without being united as a team to take the company to maximum heights.

Tim, the manager at Driscoll Systems finds a problem on his hands when he receives a call from Hybara Casino’s to update their software systems with the Driscoll’s applications. However, Hybara’s provides a deadline of two weeks in order to operate fully functionally on New Year’s Day. In the short time frame, the new rookie team manager, Kristen, is unable to achieve success in the time provided. Hence, the previous manager, Alessandra, has vast experience with the Hybara systems, although, has left the company due to personal conflicts with her manager Tim. This sets a bad example for the company to urge talented workers to quit in being unable to get along with their managers. Tim calls Alessandra to propose her for the project knowing how critical it is for Driscoll Systems to deliver results for Hybara Casinos. In result, Alessandra agrees to work and deliver results for an enormous high paying price of $401 an hour.

Tim should accept Alessandra’s proposal and allow her to take the project for Hybara Casino’s. Clearly, Tim allowed Kristen a chance in which she gave second thoughts of completing a long lasting project over the holidays. The project required six weeks of work condensed into two weeks. In addition, two of Kristen’s team members have opted out due to vacation plans which set constraints for Kristen’s success. If Kristen had been confident when first approached by her manager Tim, saying “Yes, I can do it,” then...
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