Waterview Case Study

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Waterview case study
This case occurred in a premier resort called the Waterview and it’s located in the Muskoka District of Northern Ontario. The Waterview snack bar has been the leading tourist destination for several decades. Unfortunately since the premier resort has numerous ownership changes over the years, the quality of professional services and revenue has fallen down sharply. In this challenging situation, the resort’s operation manager Rebecca Boddington promoted a long-time employee Michael Welland to become the snack bar supervisor. At the first time, Michael turned down Boddlington’s promotion offer because he got a better job as a sales associate with good pay and benefits. However since then, Rebecca held a personal grudge against Michael regarding his work behaviors and ability to perform and some unavoidable arguments have come up between them. This serious lack of communication, toxic work environment and frequent disputes between the workers and management has substantially diminished the Waterview’s share in its highly competitive tourism market. PROBLEMS

The most urgent problem is the disorder of the Waterview snack bar’s organization and processes. Rebecca changed Michael’s job responsibilities without informing him in advance about his new job responsibilities. When Michael started to work at the snack bar as a supervisor, he discovered he was actually assigned to work as a part-time server instead. Furthermore, Rebecca failed to adjust Michael’s wage as she has promised before. Therefore, Michael was shocked to discover he was still getting minimum wage. Moreover, after Rebecca found out Michael was talking to her boss behind the scene; she took him off the next week schedule. The second problem is both the management and employees of the premier resort lacks professional abilities and skills and are not qualified for the organization. Neither Rebecca nor Michael behaved properly or professionally in this case. First, Rebecca is the manager of Michael; so she shouldn’t bring her personal emotion into the work environment. For Several times, Rebecca dismissed Michael when he wants to confront her about his issues. Second, When Michael talked to Rebecca about his first payment, he waved the check angrily at her and yelled “Rebecca, have you seen this?” This is a very unprofessional action for Michael and should be dealt with in privacy or with company’s procedures. Another time, Michael rushed into Rebecca’s office and tossed his check on her desk. These hostile employee attitudes also create and contribute to an unhealthy and unproductive work environment. The third problem is the employees’ task management. There were no clear job descriptions and task details in the Waterview snack bar. In the beginning, Rebecca asked Michael to help cut the grass and clean the toilets. However people that cut the grasses and clean the toilets are usually maintenance individuals not someone in a supervisor position like Michael. In addition Rebecca threatened to cancel Michael’s shifts, then she really did delete Michael’s schedule and removed him from duties list without discussing with her superior and noticing Michael. Moreover when Mark Humphries; the boss of Rebecca found out there are communication problems between his employees; he didn’t take any precautions to correct these problems. CAUSES

There is a lack of fit between the people and process. If people could follow the company’s’ procedures and rules in a professional and well mannered behavior within the resort and put aside their personal grudges and negative emotions towards individuals during business hours. There can be many incidents where a lot of the conflicts could have been avoided. For example, if Rebecca has taken the time to notify Michael about important work changes; he would understand his new job descriptions and job responsibilities without the shock and disappointment of being informed indirectly during his shift. On...
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