Inventory System

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Chapter I
The Problem and its Background


Exclusively His Tailoring needs to improve the sales and manageability of their business.

The previous system that they have used was simple (Microsoft Excel) and was needed much effort to use. They needed to input all the details about their customers and other information about the items that they are buying.

Inventory systems often face customer demands for many different products. The demand characteristics may vary from product to product and therefore an inventory manager will generally apply a customized policy for every product. However, in most cases, all customer demand for a single product is handled in a uniform way. Although the order sizes may vary greatly and some orders can be handled in a different way than others, each unit demanded is considered equally important. The system also allows the inventory to be well in-checked without much labor. Just by having the name of their product entered in the database. It can be checked or updated if they have it. The system is good for its easy to use, effective and efficient. Also it can really make a difference when it comes to keeping inventory. In addition, this study aims to develop reliable and manageable computerized inventory system for our proposed company, Exclusively His Tailoring so that they can improve the sales and manageability of their business. The Proposed Computerized Inventory System will give a big relief to the employees and employers as well, when approved and used.

Company Background

EXCLUSIVELY HIS was established on November 17, 1965 in Tarlac, Tarlac by its sole proprietor BENJAMIN C. DE OCAMPO. Today, Exclusively His has become the biggest chain of tailoring shops in the country. From its humble beginnings of about 4 tailors, a cutter and a salesperson, Exclusively His has grown about 250 personnel – 150 of which comprised of our well-trained, highly skilled in-house tailors.

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