Inventory System

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With our fast-paced developing society, many of our institutions optimize to perform their procedures in a computerized manner. They consider this as a great reliable process to lean on. They believe that this method will help them catch-up with this quick changing situations that they encounter each day. However, it is hard to imagine that many of us still stick to the manual method knowing that computerized system is just there waiting for them to take advantage of. There are several reasons that are forcing them to be stuck with to this traditional system. One of these is illiteracy; no one in this world is unable to understand and adapt to the computerized system if it will be properly introduced and taught. Another one is being doubtful with the system; they believe that manual system can perform less error than an automated system. But as the years goes by, a number of certain works have grown indicating that the manual method is not practical and efficient anymore. Nowadays, people have become more conscious with their time and they find essential ways on how they can do such work in less time or how they can do their number of works at the same time.

This study is aimed at developing a computerized system for a barangay that still practices a traditional way of creating a Barangay Clearance and management of database. We will do this by incorporating the technology of using camera and stylus pen for creating a Barangay Clearance. We will also use the computer to properly manage their files. By using our system, their barangay employees can have fast, more practical and efficient way of doing their tasks.

This chapter will provide an overview of the study, present general and specific objectives, state the scope and limitations, and give its significance.

Background of the Study

Barangay Molino VI was formed by Governor Juanito Remulla, it was then only the Soldiers Hills IV Subdivision, which was comprised of four (4) phases. The first appointed Barangay Chairman was Mr. Reu Lucio Samaco. He was appointed by then Governor Juanito Remulla. The first Sangguniang Barangay Officials were the Homeowners Association Officers of the four phases of the Subdivision. The legality of the appointment of Mr. Reu Lucio Samaco was questionable at that time, since he was in active service in the military consequently; Mayor Victor Miranda then appointed Mr. Tarsicio Dalman and assumed the office of the Barangay Chairman.

After two years of assuming as interim Barangay Official, a Barangay Election was held in 1994. Thus, Mr. Tarsicio Dalman ran for the position of a Barangay Chairman and won. Together with his Barangay Kagawad officials who also won were Antero Anero, Wilfredo Arjinal, Mario Cruz, Joey Eslao, Jose Virrey, Remedios Prospero and Amante Isla. They were the first elected Sangguniang Barangay Council. The first elected Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman was Amil Rasuman and the Appointed Secretary was Gloria Galve and likewise the Barangay Treasurer was Evelyn Soriano. In 1997, another Barangay Election was held, another victory again for Mr. Tarsicio Dalman as Barangay Chairman. He served the Barangay Molino VI until his untimely death December in 2000. The first elected Kagawad then assumed the Barangay Chairmanship was Ms. Remedios Prospero. It was in the term of Kapitana Remy, as she was fondly called by her constituents that Barangay Molino VI ballooned in terms of population, housing, and small business.

As of now, Barangay Molino VI is composed of four Subdivisions: the Soldiers Hills IV Subdivision which comprises of four phases, BF el Grande Homes II, BF Topman Homes II, and Woodwinds Village with a total population of 17,000. We have also identified depressed areas which are located around the perimeter of the subdivision, named as Maralit Compound, ARC Compound, the Creekside, Manggahan Alonzo Area, the Block 16 Hicban Area and Block...
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